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Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is increasingly used in the fields of plant chemistry biochemistry and molecular biology. Advantages such as speed versatility and low cost make it one of the leading techniques used for locating and analyzing bioactive components in plants. 'p>'b>Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry'/b> is the first source devoted to supplying stateoftheart information on TLC as it applies to the separation identification quantification and isolation of medicinal plant components. Renowned scientists working with laboratories around the world demonstrate the applicability of TLC to a remarkable diversity of fields including plant genetics drug discovery nutraceuticals and toxicology. 'p>'b>'i>Elucidates the role of plant materials in the pharmaceutical industry...'/i>'/b> 'p>'b>Part I'/b> provides a practical review of techniques relevant materials and the particular demands for using TLC in phytochemical applications. The text explains how to determine the biological activity of metabolites and assess the effectiveness of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. 'b>Part II'/b> concentrates on TLC methods used to analyze specific plantbased metabolite classes such as carbohydrates proteins alkaloids flavonoids terpenes etc. Organized by compound type each chapter discusses key topics such as sample preparation plate development zone detection densitometry and biodetection. 'p>'b>'i>Demonstrates practical methods that can be applied to a wide range of disciplines...'/i>'/b> 'p>From identification to commercial scale production and quality control 'b>Thin Layer Chromatography in Phytochemistry'/b> is an essential benchtop companion and reference on using TLC for the study of plantbased bioactive compounds.'b>PART I'/b> 'Overview of the Field of TLC in Phytochemistry and the Structure of the Book: 'i>M. WaksmundzkaHajnos J. Sherma and T. Kowalska '/i> 'Plant Materials in Modern Pharmacy and Methods of Their Investigations: 'i>K. SkalickaWozniak J. Widelski and K. Gł:owniak '/i> 'Medicines and Dietary Supplements Produced from Plants: 'i>A. Ankli V. Widmer and E. Reich '/i> 'Primary and Secondary Metabolites and Their Biological Activity: 'i>I. Chinou '/i> 'Plant Chemosystematics: 'i>C. Zidorn'/i> 'Sorbents and Precoated Layers for the Analysis and Isolation of Primary and Secondary Metabolites: 'i>J. Sherma'/i> 'Chambers Sample Application and Chromatogram Development: 'i>T.H. Dzido and T. Tuzimski '/i> 'Derivatization Detection (Quantification) and Identification of Compounds Online: 'i>B. Spangenberg '/i> 'Biodetection and Determination of Biological Activity of Natural Compounds: 'i>E. Tyihk . M. Mricz and P.G. Ott '/i> 'ForcedFlow Planar Layer Liquid Chromatographic Techniques for the Separation and Isolation of Natural Substances: 'i>E. Mincsovics '/i> ''b>PART II'/b> ''b>Primary Metabolites '/b> 'TLC of Carbohydrates: 'i>G.L. Sassaki L.M. de Souza Thales R. Cipriani and M. Iacomini '/i>

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