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Simon & Schuster UK

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Matthew Morgan and David Sinden codeveloped and wrote the YUCK stories. Theyre lifelong friends who met at a primary school sports day and grew up in Kent. Matt and Dave both worked in childrens publishing before turning to fulltime writing. They also write AN AWFULLY BEASTLY BUSINESS series with their friend Guy MacDonald.Get the giggles with Yuck! Two more horrible adventures in this bestselling series for first readers.YUCKS FART CLUB Yuck has had a brilliant idea for a club and hes inviting all his friends who would have thought there were so many types of farts? But his sister Polly is determined to find out what Yuck and his friends are up to in the treehouse and shes in for a big shock when she finds out! YUCKS SLICK TRICK Yuck does NOT want to go to school. Hes got a spelling test and hell do anything to get out of it. Even if it means showing the whole family just how sick he really is...Follow Yucks horrible adventures in these two stories Fart Club and Sick Trick. Lots of yucky fun for first readers.Laugh your socks off with YUCK the boy who loves bugs and slugs and slime in this gross and great chapter book series!

Data Publikacji: 2006-08-07
Wymiary: 198 mm 130 mm 0.3 mm 3.52 oz 99.79 gr

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