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Daly Goggin Maureen


Taylor and Francis

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Examining the compelling and often poignant connection between women and the material culture of death this collection focuses on the objects women make the images they keep the practices they use or are responsible for and the places they inhabit and construct through ritual and custom. Womens material practices ranging from wearing mourning jewelry to dressing the dead stitching memorial samplers to constructing skull boxes collecting funeral programs to collecting and studying diseased hearts making and collecting taxidermies and making sculptures honoring the death are explored in this collection as well as womens affective responses and sentimental labor that mark their expected and unexpected participation in the social practices surrounding death and the dead. The largely invisible work involved in commemorating and constructing narratives and memorials about the deadfrom family members and friends to national figurescalls attention to the role women as memory keepers for families local communities and the nation. Women have tended to work collaboratively making collecting and sharing objects that conveyed sentiments about the deceased whether human or animal as well as the identity of mourners. Death is about loss and many of the mourning practices that women have traditionally and are currently engaged in are about dealing with private grief and public loss as well as working to mitigate the more general anxiety that death engenders about the impermanence of life.Contents: Connecting women and death: an introduction Beth Fowkes Tobin and Maureen Daly Goggin: Part I Mourning Practices: Widows and courtesans pizzocchere and nuns: women in mourning in the Venetian Republic 14001800 Isabella Campagnol: Fashioning death/gendering sentiment: mourning jewelry in Britain in the 18thcentury Arianne Fennetaux: Emotions and rituals: responses to death among the nobility in modern France Elizabeth C. Macknight: Stitching (in) death: 18th and 19thcentury American and English mourning samplers Maureen Daly Goggin: The thing they knew: social exclusion at Southern wakes in Eudora Weltys The Wanderers and The Optimists Daughter Laura Patterson: Confessional poetry and the material culture of death Gillian D. Steinberg. Part II Memorializing: Columbia mourns: the distaff side of Washingtons long farewell Meredith Eliassen: More than a heap of dust: the material memorialization of three 19thcentury womens graves Elizabethada A. Wright: Domesticating death in the sentimental republic: commemorating and mourning in US civil war nurses memoirs Ashley Byock: Une fleur que ses yeux ęteints ne peuvent plus contempler: womens sculpture for the dead Marjan Sterckx: Spectacle maintenance and materiality: women and death in modern Brittany Maura Coughlin: A conversation with Aunt Carol: the fluid functionality of funeral programs in AfricanAmerican culture Michelle J. Pinkar

Data Publikacji: 2013-11-08
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