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Cussler Clive


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Clive Cussler (Author) Clive Cussler was the author and coauthor of a great number of international bestsellers including the famous Dirk Pitt adventures such as Celtic Empire: the NUMA Files adventures most recently Fast Ice: the Oregon Files such as Marauder: the Isaac Bell historical thrillers which began with The Chase: and the recent Fargo Adventures which lastly included Wrath of Poseidon. Cussler died in 2020.Dirk Cussler (Author) Dirk Cussler the son of Clive Cussler has an MBA from Berkeley. He is the coauthor of Crescent Dawn Black Wind Treasure of Khan Arctic Drift Poseidons Arrow Havana Storm Odessa Sea and Celtic Empire and continued the Dirk Pitt series with The Devils Sea.Impossible to put down... a compelling sense of adventure that can rival any cinematic blockbusterArctic Drift sees Clive Cusslers greatest hero Dirk Pitt fighting his enemies in the cruel Arctic.A foundered Victorian ship looking for the fabled Northwest Passage holds a secret in its icy grave . . . When Dirk Pitt of NUMA is almost blown to pieces in a lab explosion he suspects sabotage. The lab in question belongs to a scientist hoping to use a rare mineral to combat greenhouse gases but who would want to destroy our one chance to save the planet?But there are those who will do anything to control such a valuable prize. Pitts investigations take him to the Arctic in search of a clue to the origins of this precious mineral. There he and NUMA colleague Al Giordino must battle for survival against the hostile elements and an evil megalomaniac who is about to plunge the North American continent into war . . .Arctic Drift is a whiteknuckle ride of a novel that once picked up you wont want to put down. It is the twentieth of Clive Cusslers bestselling Dirk Pitt novels the series that also includes Raise the Titanic!and his first novel Mayday and is coauthored with his son Dirk Cussler. Praise for Clive Cussler: Clive Cussler is hard to beat Daily MailGB

Data Publikacji: 2013-07-01
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