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Dilnot Clive


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Clive Dilnot is professor of Design Studies at Parsons The New School for Design New York USA. Recent publications include Ethics? Design? (2005) and the text for Chris Killip: Pirelli Work (2007).Judy Attfield was a designer and a teacher and writer in design history and material culture. In addition to Wild Things (2000) she coedited with Tag Gronberg Women Working in Design: a resource book (1986): made a seminal feminist contribution to John A Walkers Design History and the History of Design (1986): coedited with Pat Kirkham A View from the Interior: Feminism Women and Design (1989): cowrote with Pat Kirkham the introductory essay and contributed to The Gendered Object (1996: ed. Kirkham): edited the anthology Utility Reassessed: The Role of Ethics in the Practice of Design (1999) and prepared a collection of her writings and articles Bringing Modernity Home: Writings on Popular Design and Material Culture (2007). Judy Attfield died in 2006.Daniel Miller is Professor of Anthropology University College London. Recent books include A Theory of Shopping The Internet: An Ethnographic Approach (with Don Slater) and Ed. Car Cultures.Reissue of a foundational work bridging design and anthropologyJudy Attfield was Senior Lecturer in History and Design at the University of Southampton UK. A pioneer of the field of material culture studies she was a member of the editorial board of the journal Home Cultures.What do things mean? What does the life of everyday objects reveal about people and their material worlds? Has the quest for śthe real thing become so important because the hightech world of total virtuality threatens to engulf us? This pioneering book bridges design theory and anthropology to offer a new and challenging way of understanding the changing meanings of contemporary humanobject relations. The act of consumption is only the starting point of objects livesŁ. Thereafter they are transformed and invested with new meanings and associations that reflect and assert who we are. Defining designed things as things with attitudeŁ differentiates the highly visible fashionable object from ordinary aretefacts that are too easily taken for granted. Through case studies ranging from reproduction furniture to fashion and textiles to śclutter the author traces the connection between objects and authenticity ephemerality and selfidentity. Beyond this she shows the materiality of the everyday in terms of space time and the body and suggests a transition with the passing of time from embodiment to disembodiment.A reissue of Judith Attfields pioneering work on the everyday objects that surround us and the meanings that we invest in them.List of illustrationsPreface to the original editionPreface to the current edition by Claudia MarinaIntroduction: The material culture of everyday life Part I: Things1. The meaning of design: Things with attitude2. The meaning of things: Design in the lower case3. Things and the dynamics of social c

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