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Kaukas Havenhand Lucinda


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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There is great interest (academic and nonacademic) in American midcentury modernŁ design its interiors furniture fabrics etcThis work is the first scholarly study to focus on the interior design of this seminal periodThe focus on the designers conceptual approach to the designs rather than on the descriptive appearance of their designs is a new approach for interior design historyThe Council for Interior Design Accreditation which accredits interior design courses in the USA has since 2014 included a stipulation that ID courses must include a historical component. We could reasonably expect to see this book on recommended reading lists for such coursesDr. Lucinda Kaukas Havenhand teaches design history theory and studio at Syracuse University where she is a Professor in the School of Design.MidCentury Modern Interiors explores the history of interior design during arguably its most iconic and influential period. The 1930s to the 1960s in the United States was a key moment for interior design. It not only saw the emergence of some of interior designs most globallyimportant designers it also saw the field of interior design emerge at last as a profession in its own right. Through a series of detailed case studies this book introduces the key practitioners of the period worldrenowned designers including Ray and Charles Eames Richard Neutra and George Nelson and examines how they developed new approaches by applying systematic and rational principles to the creation of interior spaces. It takes us into the mind of the designer to show how they each used interior design to express their varied theoretical interests and reveals how the principles they developed have become embodied in the way interior design is practiced today. This focus on unearthing the underlying ideas and concepts behind their designs rather than on the finished results creates a richer more conceptual understanding of this pivotal period in modernist design history.With an extended introduction setting the case studies within the broader context of twentiethcentury design and architectural history this book provides both an introduction and an indepth analysis for students and scholars of interior design architecture and design history.Examining the key interior designers of the American midCentury.IntroductionChapter 1 Russel and Mary Wright: Nostalgic Modern and the American Way of LifeŁ Chapter 2 Richard Neutra and the Therapeutic InteriorChapter 3 The Eames House and a New Language of VisionChapter 4 George Nelson: Humanism Morality and the Japanese AestheticChapter 5 The Interiors of Florence Schust Knoll: Structure Luxury and Postwar AmericaConclusionBibliographyIndexA timely and useful work that illuminates the interior designs of some important American designers through discussion and evaluation of the inspirations and theories they drew upon.MidCentury Modern Interiors takes the discipline of interior design history into a new era. F

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