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Coombes Sam


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Sam Coombes is Senior Lecturer and member of the Department of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh UK.A comprehensive and uptodate introduction to the thought and writings of Edouard GlissantGlissants particular brand of political optimism is especially timely in todays tumultuous political situationThe author Sam Coombes is an expert in French literature and philosophy and postcolonial studies and so is perfectly positioned to write this bookThe book includes a full glossary of the key terms in Glissants ouevredouard Glissant (1928 2011) was a Martinican philosopher poet author and literary critic.Sam Coombes is Senior Lecturer and member of the Department of European Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh UK.douard Glissant was a leading voice in debates centering on the postcolonial condition and on the present and future of globalisation. Prolific as both a theorist and a literary author Glissant started his career as a contemporary of Frantz Fanon in the early days of francophone postcolonial thought. In the latter part of his career Glissants vision pushed beyond the boundaries of postcolonialism to encompass the contemporary phenomenon of globalisation.Sam Coombes offers a detailed analysis of Glissants thought setting out the reasons why Glissants vision for a world of intercultural interaction both reflects but also seeks to provide a correction to some of the leading tendencies commonly associated with contemporary theory today.An introducton to the thought of Martinican philosopher and novelist Edouard Glissant. The book offers both an exposition and analysis of his central preoccupations and philosophical concerns.INTRODUCTIONPART ONE: Later Glissantian Thought as Alternative Perspective on Globalisation Chapter 1. Poetics of Relation (1990): a Manifesto for the 21st Century?Chapter 2. From Relation to the ścommonplace: the Later Glissantian Conceptual SchemaPART TWO: Creolisation AntiUniversalism and TwentyFirst Century Radical ThoughtChapter 3. Creolisation and Creoleness: Proximity and DivergenceChapter 4. The Paradoxes of Universalism and the Ambivalence of the Postcolonial conditionChapter 5. Glissant: Postmodernist Apologist for Neoliberalled Globalization?Chapter 6. Glissants latterday Political CommitmentsPART THREE: Envisioning the TwentyFirst Century Otherwise: Utopianism Anarchism and the Critique of NeoliberalismChapter 7. Globalization and Its Critics: Neoliberalism AlterGlobalization and Contemporary AnarchismChapter 8. A Poetics of Resistance and Change: Glissant a Matre penser for 21st Century Dissident Thought?BIBLIOGRAPHYThis study is striking for the intelligence of its composition and its arguments which allow us to paint a unique portrait of Edouard Glissant as a thinker of the globalized world today...Coombess chronological engagement with the texts provides a wellinformed theoretical panorama

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