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Cox Gary


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Gary Cox has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham UK where he is also an Honorary Research Fellow.Gary Cox is a wonderfully successful Bloomsbury author with no less than 8 books under his belt and a biography of colourful French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre Existentialism and ExcessGary Cox has a large and committed following and is a recognised popular philosopher whose work is both accessible and excellently researchedSophisticated sports writing is on the rise and this book is a brilliant example of how fascinating sports and their objects can be when dealt with philosophicallyIncludes a discussion of the 2018 Australian balltampering scandalGary Cox has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham UK where he is also an Honorary Research Fellow. He is author of The Sartre Dictionary Sartre and Fiction Sartre: A Guide for the Perplexed How to Be an Existentialist The Existentialists Guide How to Be a Philosopher The God Confusion Deep Thought and Existentialism and Excess all published by Bloomsbury.No object encapsulates the subtle mysterious richness of cricket as much as its most famous character the cricket ball: the swinging bouncing spinning heart of the glorious game. Gary Cox tells us the life story of the ball in its many guises: new ball old ball live ball dead ball noball lost ball swing ball and dot ball. He untangles the complexities of spin bowling (with a little help from Shane Warne) the tricks and cheats involved in ball tampering (including a look at the 2018 Australian scandal) and explores the multicoloured future of a rapidly changing game. A kaleidoscopic look at the ball through the lenses of everything from philosophy and science to history politics and biography and the myriad facts and figures of the vast cricket universe Cox brings you a brimming biography of this legendary leathern orb and the heroes fools and villains it has created along the way.A fascinating journey through the ever popular timehonoured thrilling complex and peculiar game of cricket that takes the cricket ball the coriaceus orbis as its central theme driving force and guiding light.PrefaceAcknowledgementsContents of the OverFirst Delivery: LoosenerAnimated inanimate objectA regular Mad Hatters tea partyWatching cricket on the radioSecond Delivery: Cricket Ball SurveyedIdeal ballReal ballPerfect handfulThird Delivery: Cricket Ball MadeWhat is a cricket ball?Evolution of the rolling globular bodyCoriaceus orbisCentres of excellenceFourth Delivery : Cricket Ball PlayedBowling overarm not underarm or throwingNew ball old ball live ball dead ball noball lost ball swing ball dot ballBall tamperingFast bowling pace is nothing without controlLengthLineBodylineSpin bowling the art of confusionFielding the art of attentivenessTranscendental ballFifth Delivery: Cricket Ball PainComedy and tragedyPitches padding and cane handle batsDeath tollPrinces umpires and pigeonsSixth Delivery: Cricket Ball FameGreat pla

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