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Elisabeth Schssler Fiorenza is Krister Stendahl Professor of Scripture and Interpretation Harvard Divinity School USA.A concise critical and accessible introduction for studentsDeals with issues of ancient Jewish context and the community of the letters feelings of marginalizationDeals with the social ethics of the letter and the time at which it was written enabling readers to overcome some of the problems eg the letters code for wivesElisabeth Schssler Fiorenza is the Krister Stendahl Professor at Harvard University Divinity School USA.The New Testament writing known as First Peter was probably written at the end of the 1st century CE: it is addressed to śresident aliens who live as colonial subjects in the Roman Province of Asia Minor. They are portrayed as a marginalized group who experience harassment and suffering. This letter is ascribed to the apostle Peter but was probably not written by him. It is a rhetorical communication sent from Christians in the imperial centre in Rome (camouflaged as Babylon) an authoritative letter of advice and admonition to good conduct and subordination in the sphere of colonial provincial life. 1 Peter is a religious document written a long time ago and in a culture and world that is quite different from our own. However as a biblical book it is a part of Christianitys sacred Scriptures. This guide to the letter keeps both of these areas the culturalsocial and the ethicalreligious in mind. It offers help for understanding the letter as both a document of the 1st century and as sacred Scripture that speaks about the religious forces that have shaped Christianity and Western culture. In short this guide seeks to enable readers to read śagainst the grain.An entrylevel text on the New Testament letter of 1 Peter offering a reading that examines the text in its ancient context and modern setting with a focus on social ethics.Introduction: How Do You Approach 1 Peter?1. Rhetorical Analysis of 1 Peter2. Making our Jewish Ancestors Audible3. Reconstructing the Arguments of the Subordinated4. Exploring the Meaning of 1 Peter for Today Instead of a Conclusion[Schssler Fiorenza] is to be commended for her interaction with a wide array of scholarship for asking difficult questions of the text without leaving readers comfortless for her insistence on identifying (and assistance in evaluating) readers own frameworks of interpretation and for presenting 1 Peter as a text ripe for the exercise of inquiry biblical interpretation and critical but constructive selfevaluation.As always Elisabeth Schssler Fiorenza does not disappoint with a thorough exegetical and scientific approach that entails a powerfully feminist reading of the text ... I certainly endorse this book and I view it as a valuable contribution to NT scholarship. It would be very useful in the classroom especially to expose students to different hermeneutical approaches. A highly recommended read.

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