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Howell Geraldine


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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Geraldine Howell is an independent scholar based in the UK.The first book to examine the important primary source Picture Post magazine from a dress history perspective revealing fascinating stories about gender and womens lives in WW2Key themes include fashion and the fashionable beauty culture health wellbeing and the body beautifulOffers close readings of lifestyle stories from Britain and America revealing emergent fashion and lifestyle trends including comparisons with Life magazine in the USGeraldine Howell is an independent scholar based in the UK. She formerly coordinated the dress and art history programmes at the University of Westminster UK is the author of Wartime Fashion (2012) and has worked on WW2 dress exhibitions.This book is open access and available on www.bloomsburycollections.com. It is funded by Knowledge Unlatched.Picture Post magazine was made famous by its pioneering photojournalism which vividly captured a panorama of wartime events and the ordinary lives affected. This book is the first to examine this fascinating primary source as a cultural record of womens dress history. Reading the magazines visual narratives from 1938 to 1945 it weaves together the ways in which design style and fashion were affected by and responded to the state of being at war and the new gender roles it created for women. From the working class of Whitechapel to the beach sets of the Bahamas and from wellheeled Mayfair to middleclass New York Women in Wartime takes a wideangled lens to the fashions and lifestyles of the women featured in Picture Post. Exploring the nature of femininity and the struggle to be fashionable during the war the book reveals critical connections between clothing and social culture. Drawing on a unique range of photographs Women in Wartime presents a living history of how womens clothing choices reflect changing perceptions of gender body and class during an era of unprecedented social change.The first dress history of the pioneering photojournalism in the magazine Picture Post examining changing representations of women through dress during the Second World WarList of IllustrationsAcknowledgementsIntroducing Picture Post1. Beautys Blueprint2. Fashion Stories from Everyday Life3. Picture Post shows Life on Less4. Britain and the First Fashions of War5. Practical Living with Picture Post6. Picture Post reports on Wartime Clothing Initiatives7. Making and Looking After Clothes8. A Fashion for Fitness9. Epilogue: Picture Post Reports on Fashion News from FranceConclusionNotesBibliographyIndexWomen in Wartime is a fascinating and sometimes surprising survey of fashion during the 1930s and ś40s. Using Picture Post as a unique window into the period it reveals the changes that war brought to womens everyday lives. Howells deep understanding and exhaustive knowledge of her source material help her show how the magazine captured t

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