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Unlocking a new and overdue model for reading comic books this unique volume explores religious interpretations of popular comic book superheroes such as the Green Lantern and the Hulk. This superhero subgenre offers a hermeneutic for those interested in :integrating mutiplicity into religious practices and considerations oIntroduction 1. The Six Elements of the Superhero Afterlife Subgenre 2. The Comic Book Mediums Glimpse of Eternity 3. Complexities of Character in Fantastic Four: Hereafter 4. Planetary Promethea and the Multiplicity of Sel''Dont be fooled by the academic tone of the title. This book is captivating insightful and incredibly thoughtprovoking. Whether youre fairly new to the comics medium or have (like me) studied it all your life youll find that Lewis illuminates the subject in a light youve never before seen or considered and its delightfully revelatory. Mark Waid writer for Fantastic Four Daredevil Superman: Birthright Kingdom Come and Thrillbents Empire'/'''A unique and fascinating look into the metaphysics of the comic book world. J.M. DeMatteis writer of Moonshadow and Brooklyn Dreams'/'''This is a beautiful and sophisticated analysis of the multiplex self in the mirror of the afterlives portrayed in the narratives and visual art of superhero comics. The positive message is clear. We are not who we think we are. Like the superheroes themselves we each have a secret identity (or identities). The conscious ego or unitary self is a useful construction but also an illusion. Lewis then goes further. He suggests that these multiplex selves imagined in fantastic fiction can help us with the realworld work of interreligious understanding and indeed of selfunderstanding. As such these superselves can become an important part of a new soulmaking practice that will result in future selves and future stories in which to live and flourish. Our afterlives it turns out are not determined or decided. They are constantly being rewritten redrawn and seen anew. By us as super. Jeffrey J. Kripal J. Newton Rayzor Professor of Religion Rice University USA and author of Mutants and Mystics: Science Fiction Superhero Comics and the ParaA. David Lewis is Adjunct Assistant Professor Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University

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