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Published as part of Palgrave Macmillans IE Business Publishing Series Simply Seven is a practical guide to Internet business for students entrepreneurs and executives. The book presents a practical blueprint created to get entrepreneurs and executives started on finding the right Internet business model forAcknowledgements PART I: INTRODUCTION THE SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT MODEL Your Second Priority Getting Started Simply Seven: Thats it Business Model Design The Business Model Hype Phases The Making of this Book StressTesting the Simply Seven The Selection Criteria Initial Results: Seven Confirmed Our 21 Companies Retail Leads in Sales Many Users and Rapid Growth: The Advertising Business Model Market Valuations: Advertising Again Margins: The Beauty of Aggregation Key Financial Indicators PART II: THE FIRST BUSINESS MODEL ' SERVICE SALES Plain and Straightforward A Business Model with Problems Can I Skype you? PART III: THE SECOND BUSINESS MODEL SUBSCRIPTIONS The Heaviest Weapon in the Arsenal The Rise and Fall of AOL The Bouncer Effect In the Dog House The Future of Clubs Getting People to Subscribe PART IV: THE THIRD BUSINESS MODEL RETAIL Dont Treat Online like Offline The Million Books Project Early Death in May 2000 Being Good at Bricks is Not Enough The Long Tail vs. Superstar Economics Fighting the Clutter The Future of the Shop is Personal PART V: THE FOURTH BUSINESS MODEL COMMISSIONS Dont Believe your Clients are Stupid The Beauty of C2C Listings * ASPs * Conversion Rates = GMV Fraud The B2B Trap Beware of the Smart Client Reports of the Death of the Intermediary PART VI: THE FIFTH BUSINESS MODEL ADVERTISING You Force it you Lose it Spam and Pushy Banners Search Revolution The Wisdom of Money The Death of the Newspaper The Sexiness of Statistics Advertising as a Service PART VII: THE SIXTH BUSINESS MODEL LICENSE SALES You Will Need all your Friends Intellectual Property 300 Years after Queen Anne The Indecisive History of Computing Platforms Distributed Distribution Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. The rebirth of Apple Platform Building Best Practice The Battle of Platforms in Entertainment Micro License Sales: Evolution Continues PART VIII: THE SEVENTH BUSINESS MODEL FINANCIAL RISK Making Money with Money The Mysteriously Slow Growth of Financial Services Online George W. Bush Wrecks the Party The Brave and Few Virtual Currencies and Coupons: A Hotbed for Future Financial Innovation? PART IX: CONCLUSION THE FREE FOUNDATION You Cannot Live on Love Alone May we Proudly Present: The 5%/ 95% Rule A Web Powered by Small Deeds of Heroism The Reciprocal Donation Economy and Innovation A Fairy Tale with a GNU One Million Lines of Code Three Million Articles Donated Power for Business Selective Pricing Competing with Free The Facebook Dilemma Learning from Mistakes and Business Model Design as a Co''This book is a must read for all who want to understand how to create a sustainable Internet business. In fact by systematically covering each

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