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The authors explore how effective planning and communication helps business families around the world address growth challenges as they strive to become high performing multigeneration family enterprises. This book shows family businesses working togethePART I: WHY GLOBAL BUSINESS FAMILIES NEED PLANNING Why Family Businesses can be the Best (or the worst): Strengths and Challenges The Parallel Planning Process for Family Enterprises Shared Values as the Foundation for Family Commitment PART II: FAMILY DRIVEN PLANNING Clarifying the Familys Shared Vision and Goals Developing the Family Talent and Leadership Ensuring Capable Ownership Family Governance: Decision Making for the Family PART III BUSINESS DRIVEN PLANNING Planning Business Strategy: Exploiting Strengths and Opportunities Aligning Business Strategy with the Familys Commitment Business Governance: The Role of the Board of Directors PART IV BECOMING A FAMILY ENTERPRISE The Next Generation of Family Entrepreneurs Beyond Business: The Family Enter''The ideas in this new book worked with my family for the transition process to the 4th Generation. The important distinction between business strategy and family strategy together with a rigorous development programme for the next generation were a key ingredient to our success Andrew Wates Former Executive Chair man Wates Group'/'''The book is fantastic. Family businesses are best when there is alignment throughout: among the family in its commitment to each other and the business between the family and the business and of the business to the external market. This book demystifies the complex task of strategic thinking and planning for the family and business systems. Yuelin T Yang IMC Pan Asia Group'/'''Reviews for Strategic Planning for the Family Business:'/'''From small startups to giant multinationals family owned businesses continue to dominate the world economy. This book provides advice on dealing with a host of emerging challenges such as new technologies and global marketing by integrating family values and dynamics into business plans and management. Philadelphia Business Journal'/'''Strategic Planning for the Family Business is a very thoughtful and valuable book. It offers a superb kaleidoscope of the dynamics of the family business. Professors Carlock and Wards notion of the Parallel Planning Process turns out to be a highly original and extremely effective way of diagnosing and intervening in such complex organizations. If I would find myself on a desert island with a family business (I agree that is quite a surrealistic thought) and was asked to help the various stakeholders and could only resort to one book for guidance this book would be my first choice. Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries Raoul de Vitry dAvaucourt Professor of Human Resource Management Clinical Professor of Leadership Development INSEAD France& Singapore'/'''The leaders of business families and family businesses will find this book a precious tool as they confront th

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