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W. Burns George


Taylor and Francis

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'P>Research shows us clearly 'I>what'/I> works in counseling and psychotherapy. Often by the time clients enter a therapists office they have been told what to dooften soundly and sensiblyby wellmeaning family friends and health professionals. The challenge for the effective therapist is 'I>how '/I>to communicate these same sound messages in ways that the client is more likely to take on board act on and benefit from.'/P>'I>'P>101 Stories for Enhancing Happiness and WellBeing '/I>harnesses the power of stories to translate the research from positive psychology into effective and practical therapeutic interventions. It communicates the core processes for enhancing happiness and wellbeing in ways that are easy to understand and incorporate into ones therapeutic practice and clients lives.'P>Acknowledgements : Introduction : 1. :On Being a Goalsetter and Goalachiever : 2. On Finding and Using Strengths : 3. :On Being Powered : 4. :On Being Accepting : 5. :On Being Mindful : 6. :On Being a Reframer : 7. On Changing Patterns of Behavior : 8. On Learning from Experience : 9. :On Being Compassionate : 10. On Being a Selfcarer : 11. On Being a Positive Thinker : 12. :On Being Emotionally Positive and Engaged : 13. :On Being in Social Relationships : 14. On Improving Loving Relationships : 15. On Finding :Meaning and Wisdom 16. :On Being a Problemsolver 17. :On Being Happy : A Guide to Creating Your Own HappinessEnhancing Stories : References and Reading Resources : Index'P>This book is a treasure trove of creative metaphors. Burnss stories are elegantly crafted beautifully told and grounded in the new science of positive psychology. It should be read by all psychotherapists and counselors who wish to use positive psychology to help their clients.'/P>'B>'P>Alan Carr PhD professor of clinical psychology University College Dublin Ireland'/P>'/B>'P>'/P>'P>Full of stories that inspire amuse and challenge this book brings alive the lessons of positive psychology.Ń A great addition to any therapists bookshelf and for anyone seeking a bit of wisdom to help them in their day to day struggles.'/P>'B>'P>Stephen Joseph PhD author of 'I>Authentic: How to be Yourself and Why it MattersŃ'/P>'/B>'/I>'P>'/P>'P>George Burns is the śmetaphor man. In 'I>101 Stories for Enhancing Happiness and WellBeing'/I> he shows how therapists can use his vast collection of rich teaching stories to influence and transform peoples lives. He provides a clever link between CBT mindfulness metaphors and positive psychology to create satisfying relationships and happy lives. This is a necessary volume fo

Data Publikacji: 2017-02-07
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