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Taylor and Francis

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'P>From selection and assessment to training and development and reward management all HR functions have an impact on an organization. Everpresent budgetary pressures mean that there is perpetual competition for resources so HR departments must be able to account for and justify their contribution to the bottom line.'/P>'P>This practical text presents a resultsbased approach to HR accountability which explains how to:'/P>'UL>'P>'LI>Uncover and monitor the costs of HR programs'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>Develop programs emphasizing accountability'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>Collect data for evaluation'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>Measure the contribution of human resources'/LI>'P>'/P>'P>'LI>Calculate HRs return on investment'/LI>'P>'/P>'/UL>'P>'/P>'P>This new edition is fully revised and updated to reflect developments in the field such as the rise of talent management and the increased role of technology in HR measurement and is supported with international examples throughout. New chapters have been added to address business alignment HR scorecards analytics maturity and international applications of the methodology. Case studies tool templates and lecture slides are provided as online supplements for HR practitioners and students.'/P>'I>'P>Accountability in Human Resource Management 2'SUP>nd'/SUP> Edition'/I> is a complete and detailed guide suitable for HR professionals and students on advanced human resource management courses.'P>'STRONG>Part I: Setting the Stage for Accountability '/STRONG> :1. The Need for Results from HR  :2. Measuring the HR contribution: A History of Approaches : 3. A ResultsBased Model : 4. Management Influence on Human Resources Accountability'B> : Part II: Measuring the Impact and ROI of Specific HR Programs'/B> : 5. Achieving Business Alignment with Human Resources Programs : 6. Selecting the Solution and Developing Objectives : 7. Collecting Data : 8. Analyzing Relationships Causation and Attribution : 9. Monetary Benefits Costs and ROI : 10. Reporting Results and Driving Improvement : 'B>Part III: Measuring and Reporting the Total HR Function'/B> : 11. How Much Should You Invest in HR? : 12. Do HR Practices Add Value? : 13. Measuring Specific Human Resources Functions and Processes : 14. Developing an ExecutiveFriendly HR Scorecard'P>'STRONG>śJack and Patti Phillips have done it again. Accountability is a critical issue in human resource programs of all kinds but too often it is overlooked or even misunderstood. This book lays out the framework for accountability systems in clear simple and important ways. It is a must read for anyone in our field.'/STRONG> 'I> William Rothwell Professor of Workforce Education and Development Program

Data Publikacji: 2016-04-01
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