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In recent years economic activity has become increasingly globalized. One of the main instruments behind this process is the multinational enterprise. In The Globalization of Business first published in 1993 John Dunning explores the latest issues in the world of international business and looks ahead at the remaining years of this century identifying the likely challenges of the future. What are the challenges posed by the technological political and economic developments of the 1990s for international business? What are the implications of the opening up of new territories such as in Central and Eastern Europe and parts of China? To what extent are the competitive advantages of nation states increasingly coming to depend on the presence of multinational activity? What are the implications of the globalization of markets and production for the domestic economic policies of governments? This collection of essays will be vital reading to students of international business.List of tables: List of figures: Preface: Acknowledgements: Part One: Challenges for teaching and research in international business Introduction 1. The study of international business: a plea for a more interdisciplinary approach: Part Two: Challenges for theorizing about MNEs and MNE activity Introduction 2. Micro and macroorganizational aspects of MNEs and MNE activity 3. The changing dynamics of international production 4. Global strategy and the theory of international production 5. The competitive advantage of countries and MNE activity: Part Three: Challenges to established patterns of MNE activity Introduction 6. Japanese MNEs in Europe and the US: some comparisons and contrasts 7. Transatlantic foreign direct investment and the European Economic Community 8. Technologybased crossborder alliances 9. The prospects for foreign direct investment in Central and Eastern Europe 10. The globalization of service activities 11. International direct investment patterns in the 1990s: Part Four: Challenges to national and regional government policies Introduction 12. Governments hierarchies and markets: towards a new balance? 13: Governments and multinational enterprises: from confrontation to cooperation? 14. The political economy of MNE activity 15. Multinational investment in the EC: some policy implications: Notes and references: Index

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