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Entrepreneurship in Small Island States and Territories is the first publication to consider the ścreative side of enterprise in small island states and territories. Rather than playing out as remote vulnerable and dependent backwaters of neocolonialism the worlds small island states and territories (with resident populations of less than 1 million) show considerable resourcefulness in facing up to the very real challenges of their predicament. The creative endeavours of their residents facilitated by adroit public policy has created economic and investment opportunities that translate into some private sector employment and decent livelihoods for many. Their ingenuity coupled with strategic investments and the support of the diaspora has led to a suite of (sometimes unlikely) products and services: from citizenship and higherlevel internet domain names to placebranded foods and beverages: from electronic gaming to niche manufacturing.There is much more to small island survival than subsistence farming aid remittances and public sector workfare. Entrepreneurship in Small Island States and Territorieshelps to dispel this myth showcasing an aspect of life in small island states and territories that is rarely documented or critically reviewed.1. Editorial: Small Island States and Territories: Vulnerable Resilient but Also Doggedly Perseverajt and Cleverly Opportunistic Godfrey Baldacchino Part 1: General Considerations 2. Dark Entrepreneurship in Small Island States and Territories Ilan Kelman and Cheney Shreve 3. The Diasporic Economy Trade and Entrepreneurship in the Island Caribbean Keith Nurse 4. Pathways to Successful Entrepreneurship in Small Island Economies: The Case of land Katarina Fellman Jouko Kinnunen Bjarne Lindstrm and Richard Palmer Part 2: Niche Natural Products and Manufacturing 5. Knitting and More from Fair Isle Scotland: Small Island Tradition and Mocroentrepreneurship Richard W. Butler 6. Entrepreneurs in Aquaculture: A Case Study from the Faroes Gestur Hovgaard 7. Biosciences and BioVectra on Prince Edward Island Canada James E. Randall Entrepreneurial Traits Niche Strategy and International Expansion of a Small Firm on a Small Island Territory: Ligne St Barth in St Barthęlemy France Karen L Orengo Serra and Sopheap Theng 9. LYSI in Iceland: Purifying the Gold of the Sea Gylfi Dalmann Adalsteinsson and Runolfur Smari Steinthorrsson 10. Coconut Power: Biofuel from Coconuts in the Solomon Islands Carola Betzold Part 3: Tourism Segments 11. Visiting Guam or Guahan? The Colonial Context amd Cultural Decolonization of an Islands Tourism Industry Michael Lujan Bevacqua and Hermon Farahi 12. Medical Tourism in Barbados: Negotiating Inherent Tensions Krystyna Adams Rebecca Whitmore Rory Johnston and Valorie A. Crooks 13. Casino Tourism: How Does Entrepreneurship Change Macau? Ipkin Anthony Wong and Ricardo Chi Sen Siu Part 4: Other Intangibles 14. Software and Electronic Gaming Industries in Malta Mario Aloisio 15. Jer

Data Publikacji: 2015-06-19
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