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The Insurance Act 2015 represents the first major reform of English commercial insurance law for many years. Its impact will be felt not only in England where it will greatly affect both maritime and commercial insurance practice but also elsewhere where English law is the law of choice in insurance contracts. The Insurance Act 2015: A New Regime for Commercial and Marine Insurance Law analyses in depth the key aspects of the Act and extensively restates and modifies a number of legal principles applying both at common law and under the Marine Insurance Act 1906. Offering much more than the usual commentary on legislation this book provides critical indepth analysis of the important topics as was all coverage of areas likely to spawn disputes in future. Written by leading practitioners and academics in the field this book offers comprehensive coherent and practical legal analysis of the changes introduced by the Insurance Act 2015. It is a key point of reference for practitioners insurance professionals and academics.Chapter 1 (D. Hertzell Consultant to BLM and Former Law Commissioner for Commercial and Common Law): The Insurance Act 2015: Background and PhilosophyChapter 2 (P. MacDonaldEggers QC 7 KBW): The Fair Presentation of Commercial Risks Under the Insurance Act 2015 Chapter 3 (Professor B. Soyer Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law): Insurers Duty of Good Faith: Is the Path Now Clear for Introduction of New Remedies? Chapter 4 (Professor M. Clarke St Johns College Cambridge): The Future of Warranties and Other Related Terms in Contracts of InsuranceChapter 5 (S. Rainey QC Quadrant Chambers): Remedies for Fraudulent Claims under the Insurance Act 2015Chapter 6 (Professor A. Tettenborn Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law): Late Payment of Claims: Better But by No Means PerfectChapter 7 (Associate Professor G. Leloudas Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law): Contracting Out of the Insurance Act 2015 in Commercial Insurance ContractsChapter 8 (Sir Bernard Rix Arbitrator Mediator 20 Essex Street Former Court of Appeal Judge): Conclusion: General Reflections on the Law ReformThis book comprehensively achieves its twin aims of providing critical indepth analysis of the Insurance Act 2015 (the 2015 Act) and identifying grey areas in that Act. The editors...have put together a remarkable team of contributing authors all leaders in their field...It will be of great assistance to brokers insurers lawyers academics students and no doubt in due course to the judiciary.John Dunt The Journal of International Maritime LawMalcolm Clarke is a Fellow of St Johns College Cambridge and a Professor of Commercial Contract Law at the University of Cambridge.Bar Soyer is Professor of Commercial and Maritime Law and Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University.

Data Publikacji: 2016-10-04
Wymiary: 246 mm 174 mm 521.63 gr

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