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Fully revised and updated this second edition of Contemporary Choreography presents a range of articles covering choreographic enquiry investigation into the creative process and innovative challenges totraditional understandings of dance making.Contributions from a global range of practitioners and researchers address a spectrum of concerns in the field organized into seven broad domains:Conceptual and philosophical concernsProcesses of makingDance dramaturgy: structures relationships contextsChoreographic environmentsCultural and intercultural contextsChallenging aestheticsChoreographic relationships with technology.Including 23 new chapters and 10 updated ones Contemporary Choreographycaptures the essence and progress of choreography in the twentyfirst century supporting and encouraging rigorous thinking and research for future generations of dance practitioners and scholars.ContentsŃList of tables and illustrationsContributorsAcknowledgementsŃGeneral introductionJo Butterworth and Liesbeth WildschutŃSECTION 1Conceptual and philosophical concernsSection introductionJo Butterworth and Liesbeth Wildschut1.1Knowing through dancemakingChoreography practical knowledge and practiceasresearch Anna Pakes1.2Expertintuitive and deliberate processesStruggles in (the wording of) creative decisionmaking in śdanceSusan Melrose1.3śThrowing like a girl?Gender in a transnational worldSusan Leigh Foster1.4Choreography that poses problemsBojana Cveji1.5Choreography as researchIteration object contextBen SpatzŃSECTION 2Processes of makingSection introductionJo Butterworth and Liesbeth Wildschut2.6Too many cooks? A framework for dance making and devisingJo Butterworth2.7Facilitating choreographic process Larry Lavender2.8Velvet Petal: Getting LostFleur Darkin2.9Risktaking and group dance improvisationJoo da Silva2.10Dancing strategies and moving identitiesThe contributions independent contemporary dancers make to the choreographic processJenny Roche2.11Jonathan Burrows Postdance Conference keynote address Stockholm 2015 Jonathan BurrowsŃINTERVENTION Peggy OlislaegersŃSECTION 3Dance dramaturgy: structures relationships contextsSection introductionJo Butterworth and Liesbeth Wildschut3.12Dance dramaturgical agencyPil Hansen 3.13The catalytic function of dramaturgyWorking on actions in choreographic processesKonstantina Georgelou Efrosini Protopapa and Danae Theodoridou3.14Decentred dramaturgyNonstructural contexts in contemporary choreographyAnny MokotowŃSECTION 4Choreographic environmentsSection introductionJo Butterworth and Liesbeth Wildschut4.15Dancing around exclusionAn examination of the issues of social inclusion within choreographic practice in the communitySara Houston4.16Choreographic approaches in the community contextDiane Amans4.17Escola Livre de Dana da Marę in Rio de Janeiro A ground to shareSilvia Soter and Adriana Pavlova4.18Experiencing spaceSome implications for sitespecific dance performance Victoria Hunter4.19Wh

Data Publikacji: 2017-12-12
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