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P>Air Cargo Management/ provides a comprehensive and lively overview of the air cargo industry which is both economically and strategically important in the field of logistics world trade :and supply chain management./P>P>This new edition builds on the success of the previous edition focusing on the role of air freight in the global supply chain including areas such as: the main players in the industry: regulations and restrictions: and terrorism management. Updates to this edition include:/P>UL>P>LI>the role of ECommerce and its changing influence on the industry:/LI>P>/P>P>LI>a new chapter on crime security and terrorism:/LI>P>/P>P>LI>updated case studies and/LI>P>/P>P>LI>new contributors providing professional insight from the industry./LI>P>/P>/UL>P>Enriched throughout with international case studies and contributions from industry experts Air Cargo Management/ provides a practical approach. It is the perfect companion for undergraduate students studying air logistics transportation logistics air cargo and supply chain management. Professionals and managers in the field will also find Sales easy style and industry insights useful and applicable to their practice.P>1. The Air Freight Supply Chain 2. The Viability of Air Freight 3. A Brief History of the Air Freight Industry 4. Airports: The Vital Connection 5. Ground Handling and IT Systems for Cargo Processing 6. Perishable Supply Chain 7. Animals by Air 8. Security 9. The Charter Broker 10. Air Freight to the Rescue 11. The Role of Freighters: Past Present and Future 12. HeavyLift Air Transportation 13. Express and Mail 14. Technology in Air Freight 15. The Environment 16. Crime in Air Logistics 17. Careers in Air FreightP>STRONG>Michael Sales/STRONG> is Managing Director of IMC Creations UK.

Data Publikacji: 2016-12-12
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