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Ramsay Juliet


Taylor and Francis

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Through stories of diverse landscapes from around the world this book captures human cultures and their land use practices in the environments they inhabit. The chapters cover topics from heritage in the 21st Century appreciating and safeguarding values while facing challenges wrought by change.This title will lead readers through fascinating stories of landscapes and people. We learn of the physical and spiritual structure of rice terraces of the Honghe Mountains in China maintained by following a 1300 year sustainable practice of water allocation while the colonial tea plantations of the Sri Lankan highlands are managed by Indian Tamils who now seek tourism as a means of additional income. Sustainable agricultural methods in the USA are being introduced to prevent landscape loss while in Australia a challenge confronting family farms is progressing to rural industrialisation. Challenges are further outlined in the mythical story of Finlands Saint Henrik pilgrimage and in the intangible Uiwon gardens of Korea. The huge challenge for Japans landscapes is the legacy from fierce natural 21st Century disasters while in Australias Dampier Archipelago an avoidable yet brutal development on a unique Aboriginal rock sculptured landscape highlights serious concerns about heritage governance. These remarkable stories of landscapes and their management are inseparable from the communities that inhabit them. This book was originally published as a special issue of Landscape Research.1. Cultural Landscapes in the 21st CenturyIssues and OpportunitiesJuliet Ramsay 2. Hani Rice Terraces of Honghe The Harmonious Landscape of Nature and Humans Guo Zhan &: Zhang Jin3. Valuing the Cultural Landscapes Past and Present: Tea Plantations in Sri LankaChandana Shrinath Wijetunga &: Jong Sang Sung4. Changes to Continuing Landscapes: Industrialisation of Australias Productive Rural LandsJane L. Lennon5. Heritage Values and Agricultural Landscapes: Towards a New SynthesisNora J. Mitchell &: Brenda Barrett6. Old Roads and Memories of St Henrik of FinlandEeva Ruoff7. Uiwon: The 1819C Joseon Scholars Garden of Imagination JongSang Sung8. Largescale Disasters on World Heritage and Cultural Heritage in Japan: Significant Impacts and Sustainable Management CasesKunie Sugio 9. Burrup Peninsula: Cultural Landscape and Industrial Hub a 21st Century ConundrumKen MulvaneyJuliet Ramsay has a background in landscape architecture and has worked in private practice and for the Australian Governments Heritage Division specialising in heritage landscapes. In retirement she has been active as an advisory member of ICOMOSIFLA Committee on Cultural Landscapes and convenes a landscape advocacy group.Ken Taylor is Emeritus Professor of Landscape Architecture University of Canberra: Adjunct Professor Landscape Centre for Heritage &: Museum Studies The Australian National University: Visiting Professor International Program Architectural Heritage Management &: Tourism Silp

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