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How do great educators bring about real change to make a difference in students lives? In this first volume of the Routledge Great Educators Series10 of educations most inspiring thoughtleaders come together to share their top suggestions you need right now to innovate in your school or classroom. You will gain fresh insights and practical strategies on these essential topics:Personalizing professional learning (Jeffrey Zoul)Promoting a positive school culture (Todd Whitaker) Improving our hiring practices (Jimmy Casas)Designing spaces that maximize learning (Thomas C. Murray) Empowering students in their learning and assessments (Starr Sackstein)Flipping the classroom to reach each student (Kirk Humphreys) Positioning libraries as learning hubs (Shannon McClintock Miller)Helping others embrace technology changes (Katrina Keene)Developing personal not just professional skills (Dwight Carter) Embracing each students passions and strengths (LaVonna Roth) Filled with inspiring stories throughout the book will leave you feeling motivated to take risks and try new things in your own school or classroom. As the authors say if we want to make a real difference its not enough to do the things we do better: we must also do new and better things!Meet the AuthorsChapter 1: Innovative Professional LearningJeffrey ZoulChapter 2: Innovative Ways to Impact School CultureTodd WhitakerChapter 3: Innovating Our Hiring PracticesJimmy CasasChapter 4: Innovative Learning SpacesThomas C. MurrayChapter 5: Innovative Assessment that Amplifies Student VoiceStarr SacksteinChapter 6: Innovating the Math ClassroomKirk HumphreysChapter 7: Librarians...True Champions and Leaders of Innovation! ŃShannon McClintock Miller Chapter 8: Sparking Innovation from FailureKatrina KeeneChapter 9: Innovating Personal Skill DevelopmentDwight CarterChapter 10: Taking Risks and Pushing BoundariesLaVonna RothImagine you have the opportunity to learn from the most exciting innovative and inspiring educators today..all in one book! 10 Perspectives on Innovation in Education is an exciting project that brings todays brightest educators together to share ideas resources and practices that can be tried tomorrow. Be ready to be engaged and inspired and to innovative your practices tomorrow. Jessica Cabeen Principal 2017 Minnesota Nationally Distinguished Principal Author and SpeakerImagine having a resource at your fingertips of wisdom and insight from an eclectic band of leaders in education. One need not imagine further than this highly engaging book. Whether you have attended one of the What the Great Educators Do Differently Conferences or you have yearned to participate there is now a rich reservoir of voices united in leadership for you to visit share and apply. Each author paints a portrait in empowering the reader to take innovation to the next level in a classroom schoolhouse or district. This book is more than a series of next steps. It is an inspiring call to action

Data Publikacji: 2018-12-11
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