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'P>This book deals with the history and future of the concept of śworld peace through law (WPTL) which advocates replacing the use of international force with the global rule of law. '/P>'P>WPTL calls for replacing war with the global rule of law by arms reductions including the abolition of nuclear weapons global alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and various enforcement mechanisms. This book sets forth a threepart proposal: 1) arms reductions primarily the abolition of nuclear weapons with necessarily concomitant reductions in conventional forces: 2) a fourstage system of global alternative dispute resolution (ADR) utilizing both law and equity: 3) adequate enforcement mechanisms including a UN Peace Force. The core of this proposal is alternative dispute resolution mechanismsinternational ADR. International ADR would consist of a fourstage process of compulsory negotiation compulsory mediation compulsory arbitration. and compulsory adjudication by the World Court. The fundamental proposition of this book is that the use of alternatives to war global ADR is the ultimate solution to the problem of peace. The full implementation of WPTL will entail a vast array of progressive initiatives on many fronts including abolition of nuclear weapons with the global rule of law being the capstone to all of these developments.'/P>'P>This book will be of great interest to students of peace studies arms control international law and world politics. :1. :The Problem 'OL>'OL>'P>'/P>'/OL>'/OL>'P>2. The Answer'/P>'P>3. Bentham (1789)'/P>'P>4. Roosevelt and Taft (19101918)'/P>'P>5. Kelsen (1944)'/P>'P>6. Eisenhower and Kennedy (1961)'/P>'P>7. Our Trajectory'/P>'P>8. Abolition of Nuclear Weapons'/P>'P>9. International Dispute Resolution Systems'/P>'P>10. A United Nations Peace Force'/P>'P>11. Objections'/P>'P>12. Conclusion'P>'STRONG>śThere are four reasons why you should read this book. First the international system is inevitably being transformed by technology and global integration: this book presents a coherent vision of a successor system that would be superior to others currently on offer. Second the system it describes is an answer to the perennial objection to eliminating nuclear weapons which is that there is no better way to prevent war: yes there is it says. Third this book is an encyclopaedic history of things you never knew before about world peace through law and the śpractical men like Teddy Roosevelt who supported the idea. And fourth if you think ponderous prose goes with the territory on this subject think again: this book is engaging lively and fun.'/STRONG> 'I>James Goodby Chief U.S. Negotiator for the Safe and Secure Dismantlement of Nuclear Weapons (1993).'/P>'P>'/I>'STRONG>śThere is no problem more important than halting the illegal use of ar

Data Publikacji: 2017-09-13
Wymiary: 216 mm 138 mm 272.16 gr

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