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Languages are best learned when realworld information becomes the focus of students activities. In this respect !Te Toca! definitely encourages advanced learners to focus on exchanging reallife information about the world around them. Moreover since the topics and issues presented in the book are controversial in nature they seem especially appealing to college students. Dr Maria Jesus Amores University of West Virginia!Te Toca! is a thoroughly innovative approach to advanced language learning. Imaginative exciting and fun it uses language simulations to take students into a virtual Spanishspeaking world where they adopt a new Spanish or LatinAmerican identity. Creating a learning environment in which they need to use Spanish to solve a problem or engage in debate the language simulations draw and expand on students linguistic communication and informationgathering skills.Covering a variety of engaging topics the simulations literally put the students centrestage requiring them to think on their feet and speak exclusively in Spanish. The topics revolve around contentious issues and each chapter includes a simulation exercise with all its associated documents as well as a lead text comprehension questions a guide to relevant points of functional grammar associated exercises a glossary of terms and suggestions for written work.

Data Publikacji: 2017-08-29
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