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Johnson-Freese Joan


Taylor and Francis

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'P>This book offers an accessible overview of the multiple interdependent issues related to the Women Peace and Security (WPS) global agenda.'/P>'P>The first introductory overview of the WPS agenda as articulated in multiple national and international resolutions statements and initiatives the book provides a link between the general public and security practitioners to an important but still largely unknown set of global objectives regarding gender equality and longterm peace and stability. Within the context of the changing nature of warfare and through consideration of empirical evidence the volume examines the definitions theoretical underpinnings and methodological challenges associated with WPS. It then discusses with more specificity violence against women women civilians in war the role of women in peacemaking women in the military and in development and women politicians. The book concludes with a look to the future and number of action items from the macro to the micro level. While challenges and opportunities related to the WPS agenda are global US policy action and inaction related to WPS and gender equality are provided as examples of what politically needs to be done has been done and obstacles to WPS furtherance potentially to be encountered by all countries.'/P>'P>This book will be of much interest to students of peace studies security studies gender studies and IR.'P>Introduction'/P>'P>1. A place at the table '/P>'P>2. Power and patriarchies'/P>'P>3. Prejudice and discrimination'/P>'P>4. Violence against women'/P>'P>5. Women civilians in war'/P>'P>6. Women in peacemaking and after'/P>'P>7. Women in the military'/P>'P>8. Women and development'/P>'P>9. Women political leaders'/P>'P>10. What kind of world?'P>'STRONG>śFinally a book that makes a comprehensive national security case for women not just serving in combat roles but being fully integrated into the training pipeline for all roles. As a journalist and government official in war zones I have witnessed first hand the value women bring to a team such as building trust in Afghan villages in ways that expand the security perimeter and offering new ways of thinking through complex problems. This isnt about womens rights but about what is right to keep America safe and the world more peaceful. '/STRONG>'STRONG>'/STRONG>'STRONG> :'/STRONG>'I>Eileen OConnor former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and former CNN war zone correspondent'/P>'/I>'P>'STRONG>śTo the Rumsfeldian category of knownknowns Professor JohnsonFreese has added a corollary: knowns you were not aware you knew. For practitioners of diplomacy development and defense this volume uncovers the roles women now play or need to play '/STRONG>'STRONG>'/STRONG>'STRONG> in securing a more stable and prosperous world. The ideas p

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