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Taylor and Francis

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P>Good Faith and Insurance Contracts/ sets out an exhaustive analysis of the law concerning the duty of utmost good faith as applied to insurance contracts. Now in its fourth edition it has been updated to address the arrival of the Insurance Act 2015 as well as any references to new case law. In addition it synthesises all known judicial decisions by the English Courts concerning good faith in this area./P>P>/P>P>This book is still the only text devoted to a discussion of the duty of utmost good faith applicable to insurance contracts. As good faith is an issue which arises in respect of all insurance contracts it is a book which will be extremely useful to lawyers involved in insurance as well as insurance practitioners.P>/P>OL>LI>The insurance contract I>uberrimae fidei/LI>/I>P>LI>Other contracts of the utmost good faith/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The nature of the duty of the utmost good faith/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The source of the duty of utmost good faith/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Law reform/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Legislation affecting the duty of good faith/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The assureds duty of the fair presentation of the risk at placing/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The exceptions to the duty of disclosure at placing/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Modification of the duty of disclosure at placing/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The postcontractual duty of good faith/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The assureds duty of utmost good faith and claims/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The insurers duty/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Third parties/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Materiality and inducement/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Examples of material facts/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Remedies/LI>P>/P>P>LI>The loss of the insurers right to exercise a remedy or to rely upon a breach of warranty/LI>P>/P>P>LI>Evidence: Proving a breach of duty or a defence/LI>&P>STRONG>Peter MacDonald Eggers QC /STRONG>is a silk at 7KBW where he specialises in all aspects of commercial law with a particular focus on insurance and reinsurance./P>P>/P>STRONG>P>Simon Picken QC /STRONG>is a silk at 7KBW where his wideranging practice involves all types of contractual disputes with a special emphasis on insurance/reinsurance disputes./P>P>/P>STRONG>P>/STRONG> :

Data Publikacji: 2017-12-14
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