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An exploration of womens contributions to visual culture in major urban centres between the wars (19181939) this collection sheds new light on womens relationships with the processes of modernism and modernization. Womens work in a variety of mediums is explored including design print illustration murals poster art and costume design as well as more conventional forms of painting and sculpture. International in scope the volume discusses artists and exhibitions from the United Kingdom Greece Mexico France Ireland and the United States. The contributors place a strong emphasis on archival research yet each addresses contemporary concerns in feminist art history. By focusing on a very specific time period the essays place a central concern on the history and theory of art and gender and are united by their coherent focus on womens role in the agency and mediation of artistic production in the interwar period.Contents: Introduction Karen E. Brown: Women war artists of World War I Katy Deepwell: Feminist art female art sexless art in a modernist context: womens collective exhibitions in Greece 19251937 CharikliaGlafki Gotsi: An unsettling aura of inscrutability: imperialism racial stereotyping and the construction of the exotic by British women sculptors during the 1920s and 1930s Jonathan Black: Her hands never soft: Concetta Scaravaglione at the New York Worlds Fair 193940 Anna Maria Carlevaris: Carola GiedionWelcker: misrepresented collaborator of modernists ChristaMaria Lerm Hayes: Norah McGuinness W.B. Yeats and the illustrated book Karen E. Brown: Negotiating new venues in art: Doris and Anna Zinkeisen in modernising London Britta C. Dwyer: Ethel Gabain Evelyn Gibbs and Evelyn Dunbar: 3 approaches to professional art practice in interwar Britain Alice Strickland: The struggles of modernising Mexico and the mural of Aurora Reyes at the Centro Escolar Revolucin Terri Geis: Index.

Data Publikacji: 2016-11-15
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