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As China becomes the worlds largest economy so it becomes important to understand the key issues shaping the countrys business environment and the behaviour of Chinese businesspeople.This is difficult because those issues are contested. Is China growing at 3% or 8%? Is the Chinese consumer going to save the world? Are stateowned enterprises national champions or zombies? Have we reached the end of Cheap China? Can China innovate? Is business still dominated by personal connections? Are markets or the state in control? Does Chinese culture impede or support organizational effectiveness? Are Chinese dragons at your door? Will the finance and property sectors implode? Is the Chinese model sustainable or will it end in tears?On all these issues there is illinformed noise and an abundance of partisan interpretations. The purpose of this book therefore is to provide an evenhanded analysis of the key issues that will shape the threats and opportunities arising from Chinas development in the next decade. It cannot resolve the competing claims made. However it does provide the reader with the ideas and the sources of evidence needed to understand and to make well thoughtout judgments as China continues to evolve.1. From Ancient Civilization Through Humiliation to Powerhouse2. Chinas Miracle Chinas Tensions the Four izations3. Chinas Strategy for Development: From Crossing the River by Feeling the Stones to Revving up the Consumer4. Chinese Culture Guanxi and their Consequences5. Enterprise Reform and Chinese Firms Today6. Technology Development in China7. The End of Cheap China?8. Behemoths Shadows and Casinos: The Financial System9. Entry Strategies for the Chinese Market: Is the Joint Venture Dead?10. The Two Billion Socks Syndrome: Marketing to Chinas Diverse Markets11. Ethics Corruption and Sustainable Development12. Managing and Leading People in China13 The Challenge from China: How Serious?14. Will It End in Tears?A concise accessible overview of fundamental issues in contemporary Chinese political economy and development. This work deals with the complex issue of the nature of different kinds of companies in China from state to private to hybrid the role of industrialisation globalisation and urbanisation and the kinds of complicated outcomes these have led to. But it does so in an easy to understand and wellillustrated way allowing those unfamiliar with these important issues to get a quick grasp of the quick essentials. It helps that the work is also very readable and the information presented easy to digest. Kerry Brown Professor of Chinese Politics and Director of Lau China Institute Kings College LondonIn an overcrowded context of books on doing business with China for managers Understanding a Changing China: Key Issues for Business stands out as a first wellbalanced business textbook useful for not just business students and MBAs but also China business novices seeking to understand the many faces of contempor

Data Publikacji: 2017-08-22
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