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Taylor and Francis

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'P>This book sheds new light on the important but diverse roles of women in the civil war in Nepal (19962006) and the postconflict reconstruction period (20062016). '/P>'P>Engaging critically with the women peace and security literature :'Women Peace and Security in Nepal'/ :questions the potential of peace processes to become a window of opportunity for womens empowerment while insisting on the vital importance of a gender perspective in the study of conflict security and peace. After the signing of the 2006 Comprehensive Peace Accord Nepal experienced a huge leap in womens political representation in the subsequent Constituent Assembly often portrayed as a landmark victory for womens empowerment in the context of South Asia. Nepali womens mobilization played a key role in this success story though similar mobilization has failed to produce the same outcomes elsewhere in South Asia. How does Nepal differ from the other cases? Presenting studies of wartime and postconflict Nepal through a gender lens this book critically assesses the argument that war and peacebuilding can add momentum to the transformation of gender roles. Contributing new knowledge on womens disempowerment and empowerment in conflict and peacebuilding the book also offers insights for contemporary debate on gender and political change in conflictaffected societies.'/P>'P>This book will be of great interest to students of peace and conflict studies gender security South Asia and :international relations :in general as well as policymakers and NGOs.'P>Introduction: Women Peace and Security in Review 'shild Koląs and Torunn L. :Tryggestad'/'/P>'P>1. The Road to Parliament: Women in Nepals Representative Assemblies 'Bishnu Raj Upreti and Gitta Shrestha'/ '/P>'P>2. Female Maoist Combatants During and After the Peoples War 'Lorina Sthapit and Philippe Doneys'/ '/P>'P>3. Troubled Identities: Women Excombatants in Postconflict Nepal 'Amrita Pritam Gogoi '/'/P>'P>4. Nepali Womens Mobilization for Peace: Transforming Activism into Policy Change 'Vanessa Daurer'/'/P>'P>5. Does International Aid Help Women Peacebuilders in Nepal? 'Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya and Jason Miklian '/'/P>'P>6. Women Peace and Security: The Case of Nepal 'Gitta Shrestha Bishnu Raj Upreti and shild Koląs'/

Data Publikacji: 2017-07-18
Wymiary: 216 mm 138 mm 294.84 gr

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