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Berger Teresa


Taylor and Francis

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'P>A host of both very old and entirely new liturgical practices have arisen in digital mediation from the livestreaming of worship services and prayasyougo apps to digital prayer chapels virtual choirs and online pilgrimages. Cyberspace now even hosts communities of faith that exist entirely online. These digitally mediated liturgical practices raise challenging questions: Are worshippers in an online chapel really a community at prayer? Do avatars that receive digital bread and wine receive communion? 'I>@ Worship'/I> proposes a nuanced response to these sometimes contentious issues rooted in familiarity with and sustained attention to actual online practices.'/P>'P>Four major thematic lines of inquiry form the structure of the book. After an introductory chapter the following chapters :look at digital presence virtual bodies and online participation: ecclesial communities in cyberspace: digital materiality visuality and soundscapes: and finally the issues of sacramental mediation online. A concluding chapter brings together the insights from the previous chapters and maps a way forward for reflections on digitally mediated liturgical practices. '/P>'P>'/P>'I>'P>@ Worship'/I> is the first monograph dedicated to exploring online liturgical practices that have emerged since the introduction of Web 2.0. Bringing together the scholarly tools and insights of liturgical studies constructive theology and digital media theories it is vital reading for scholars of Theology and Religion with as well as Sociology and Digital Culture more generally.'P>Introduction: The Why How and What of Studying @ Worship '/P>'P>1 Virtual Bodies Digital Presence and Online Participation '/P>'P>2 :Ecclesial Communities @ Worship '/P>'P>3 Virtual Stuff: Materiality Visuality Soundscapes'/P>'P>4 Sacramental Bits and Bytes '/P>'P>Conclusions'P>I recommend this book to fellow liturgical scholars and anyone interested in the trajectory of Christian worship in twentyfirst century. Bergers insights can easily extend to those tasked with spiritual and leadership formation in the digital environment. '/P>'P>'STRONG> Kyle SchiefelbeinGuerrero 'Reading Religion'/'/STRONG>'/P>'P>Work as insightful as Bergers should not be hidden in graduate seminars: her work is an important theoretical framework for engaging digital culture from a theological perspective no matter the classroom.'/P>'P>'STRONG> Katherine G. Schmidt Molloy College'/STRONG>'/P>'P>Berger writes thoughtfully and with considerable subtlety. The integration of the practices she describes into her own life and experience make this at times a somewhat intimate volume and this personal voice is an incredibly relatable one. I found it easy to place myself in the shoes of someone trying out a wide range of often lessthanideal interactions which have t

Data Publikacji: 2017-06-30
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