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Taylor and Francis

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'P>This book provides teachers and school leaders with practical effective and proven assessment strategies that are immediately implementable in classrooms. Youll learn about 20 highimpact formative assessment strategies with details on how they can be applied to a variety of content areas and grade levels including mathematics science language arts social studies and various electives. In this accessible book these experienced authors demonstrate the 'I>how '/I>and 'I>why '/I>along with a framework for folding these new ideas into jobembedded professional development. 'I>20 Formative Assessment Strategies that Work'/I> provides the full toolkit for implementing managing and modifying these assessment strategies in your school and classrooms today.'P>'STRONG>'U>Contents'/U>'/STRONG>'/P>'I>'P>Meet the Authors'/P>'P>Preface'/P>'P>eResources'/P>'/I>'P>Introduction: Formatively Assessing Learning'/P>'B>'U>'P>Part I: Arts: Formative Assessment Strategies'/P>'/B>'/U>'P>Integrating Arts into Formative Assessments'/P>'P>Assessment 1 Postcard Summaries'/P>'P>Assessment 2 Sculpt It'/P>'P>Assessment 3 Sing It'/P>'P>Assessment 4 Who/What Am I This Time'/P>'P>Professional Development Plan: Arts Tasks'/P>'B>'U>'P>Part II: Collaborative: Formative Assessment Strategies'/P>'/B>'/U>'P>Integrating Collaboration into Formative Assessments'/P>'P>Assessment 5And Scene!'/P>'P>Assessment 6 Check In Check Out'/P>'P>Assessment 7 Group Graphic Organizers'/P>'P>Assessment 8ŃŃŃ Learning Upgrade Charts'/P>'P>Professional Development Plan: Collaborative Tasks'/P>'B>'U>'P>Part III: Movement: Formative Assessment Strategies'/P>'/B>'/U>'P>Integrating Movement into Formative Assessments'/P>'P>Assessment 9 Four Corners'/P>'P>Assessment 10 Give One Get One Trade!'/P>'P>Assessment 11 Graffiti Art'/P>'P>Assessment 12 Human Likert Scale'/P>'P>Professional Development Plan: Movement Tasks'/P>'B>'U>'P>Part IV: Select Response: Formative Assessment Strategies'/P>'/B>'/U>'P>Integrating Select Response into Formative Assessments'/P>'P>Assessment 13 ABC Cups'/P>'P>Assessment 14 Entrance Tickets'/P>'P>Assessment 15 Exit Ticket'/P>'P>Assessment 16 Question Hunt'/P>'P>Professional Development Plan: Select Response Tasks'/P>'B>'U>'P>Part V: Supply Response: Formative Assessment Strategies'/P>'/B>'/U>'P>Integrating Supply Response into Formative Assessments'/P>'P>Assessment 17 321'/P>'P>Assessment 18 I Think I Wonder'/P>'P>Assessment 19 Sample Student Scenario'/P>'P>Assessment 20 Would You Rather'/P>'P>Professional Development Plan: Select Response Tasks'/P>'I>'P>'/P>'P>References'/P>'P>A great resource for asses

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