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This book looks at several successful African American women and chronicles their success obstacles challenges and lessons learned. The authors have first person access to each of these women and break down their stories to help other aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of starting or owning thePreface'br'Acknowledgements'br'Introduction'br'1. The Growing Impact of AfricanAmerican WomenOwned Businesses'br'2. You Want to Do What? Turning Your Idea Into Your Business'br'3. I Think I Love You: Branding Your Passion and Understanding Your Unique Value Proposition'br'4. Who Do I Run to? Finding a Mentor and Building Mentor Relationships'br'5. Adding Value: Building Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnerships'br'6. Your Network Is Your Net Worth: Building Your Relationship Currency'br'7. Wheres the Money? Solutions to Fund Your Business and Business Development'br'8. Making You a Priority: Leveraging Internal Strengths'br'9. Keeping It Moving: Developing a Resilient Mindset'br'10. Faster Smarter Harder: Taking Your Business to the Next Level'br'11. Coding for the Future: New Frontiers for AfricanAmerican Women in Technology'br'12. Why Should Guys Have All the Fun?: Entrepreneurial Opportunities in NonTraditional Industries'br'13. Intrapreneurship: Adding Entrepreneurial Value and Innovation Within a Corporation'br'14. Make Being a WomanOwned Business Work for You: Resources on Programs Agencies and Organizations That Support WomenOwned Businesses'br'15. Conclusion'br'16. About the Authors'br'17. References'br'18.''A valuable contribution to the cause of entrepreneurial education and business success. 50 Billion Dollar Boss provides useful insights into the challenges facing business owners regardless of race or gender including raising capital getting a promising idea to profitgenerating product and forming strategic partnerships. The result is a mustread for black women (actually any woman) especially those contemplating aspiring or new to the entrepreneurial lifestyle.Ł (Alfred Edmond Jr. Black Enterprise blackenterprise.com March 2016)'/'''As the CEO of Ogilvy Africa and a 20 year veteran of integrated marketing and communications I have had to be extremely resilient. 50 Billion Dollar Boss is a testament to how many fellow leaders have become successful and how they have managed to overcome obstacles to achieve success beyond measure. This is not just a book for the American market. This should be read by every woman around the world who has ever had someone tell her no not you. Nadja BellanWhite CEO of Ogilvy & MatherAfrica'/' ''If you are looking for inspiration and a plan for success in your small business you need to read 50 Billion Dollar Boss. This book is enlightening with actionable tips that will take your business to the next level. Melinda F. Emerson SmallBizLady CEO of Quintessence Media author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months'/' ''Wonderfully highlights the impact of African American womenowned businesses

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