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This unique book shows companies and their executives how to profit by developing solutions to the worlds most daunting challenges those that governments cannot and have not yet addressed. Using case studies A Better World Inc . delineates best practices for businesses to maximize revenues a1. Only Global Corporations Have the Resources Global Reach and SelfInterest to Build A Better World 2. Economic Development 3. Climate Change and Energy 4. Ecosystems 5. Education 6. Healthcare 7. Human Rights 8. Successful Companies Ensure Effective Board Governance Engage Stakeholders and Collaborate with NGO''A Better World Inc. is a must read! Author Alice Korngold demonstrates how market forces provide incentives for global corporations to solve the worlds most pressing economic environmental and social problems. It inspires business executives and board directors to grow their companies value while building a better world. Faisal Hoque Founder of MiND2MiND Exchange B2B ForeSights and others and author of Everything Connects'/'''Through rich examples and a thorough analysis A Better World Inc. illustrates that its not only possible for companies to do well while doing good but it is increasingly essential. Kenneth B. Mehlman Partner KKR'/'''A Better World Inc. clearly demonstrates that a company and its investors all benefit when they are attentive to economic environmental and social factors. Korngold shows the power of market mechanisms in achieving a better world. George L. Majoros Jr. President Wasserstein & Co. LP'/'''Korngolds informative book shows how businesses can improve both short term and long term profitability by promoting economic development environmental sustainability good health and education. A Better World Inc. is a compelling resource for business people board members policy makers faculty and students. Michael Klausner Nancy and Charles Munger Professor of Business and Professor of Law Stanford Law School'/'''Drawing on twenty years of consulting experience Alice Korngold offers an array of concrete examples in which large corporations have worked to find and implement solutions to social environmental and economic challenges. A Better World Inc. will find a place on the bookshelves of human rights activists and business strategists alike helping to bring these once divided worlds together. AnneMarie Slaughter President and CEO New America Foundation and Bert G. Kerstetter 66 University Professor Emerita of Politics and International Affairs Princeton University'/'''Korngold proves that businesses not governments are in the best position to innovate and solve the worlds biggest social environmental and economic challenges. Through dozens of case studies she demonstrates that in addition to making the world a better place these practices can also result in an improved bottom line. A Better World Inc. is an important read for CEOs board members and anyone who is driving overall strategy at a company large or small. Fran Hauser Pres

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