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J Mc Crank Lawrence


Taylor and Francis

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This informative volume focuses on the effective management of library archives presenting perspectives and firsthand accounts from experienced and successful administrators in the field. The contributors examine the differences and similarities in the management of archives and other library/information centers providing valuable insights into various managment styles decisions and planning techniques.ContentsPreface ul>li> ARCHIVIST PERSPECTIVES ON LIBRARY ADMINISTRATION OF ARCHIVES li> Archives Under Library Administration: Points of Convergence and Conflict li> The Provenance of Archives Under Library Administration: Organizational Structures and Organic Relationships li> RESOURCE SHARING: ARCHIVAL AND BIBLIOGRAPHIC CONTROL li> Information Systems for Libraries and Archives: Opportunity or Incompatibility? li> The Impact of Automation: Integrating Archival and Bibliographic Systems li> Archival and Bibliographic Information Networks li> COOPERATIVE PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT AT INSTITUTIONAL AND ANTIONAL LEVEL li> Government Publications as Archives: A Case for Cooperation Between Archivists and Librarians li> Conservation and Collection Management li> Funding Resources and Priorities for Cooperation: Toward a National Records Program li> EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT li> The Relevance of Archival Theory and Practice for Library Education: An Argument for a Broader Vision li> Librarians and Archivists: Organizational Agenda for the Future li> Abbreviations and Acronyms li> Index&

Data Publikacji: 1986-12-22
Wymiary: 216 mm 156 mm 476.27 gr

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