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D Stevens Norman


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An anthology of library humor by the director of the mythical Molesworth Institute Norman Stevens this book is sure to provide librarians with many hours of amusement. This collection is full of Stevens’:most memorable papers describing the odd kinds of research conducted by the Institute such as a sophisticated study of the disappearance of umbrellas in libraries a computer analysis of library postcards and a “:precostretrieval”: scheme to accelerate the disintegration of book pages while saving the letters in them. Archives of Library Research from the Molesworth Institute is also wellstocked with unforgettable oneliners such as the authors “:plan to solve a major space problem for libraries by microfilming all Braille books.”://The imaginary Molesworth Institute has taken on a life of its own since its story first appeared in the ALA Bulletin in 1963. Stevens writes mostly for fun and entertainment but also to stress the point that librarians should take a less serious view of their work. After all as Stevens points out in this anthology “:The library world like the real world [is] impossible to understand on a rational basis.”: Now librarians can enjoy the convenience of having Stevens’:most treasured papersspanning over two decadesall in one very funny book.ContentsIntroduction: Disjunctive Librarianship ul>li> The History of The Molesworth Institute li> A Note About the Texts li> The Molesworth Institute li> The Molesworth Institute Revisited li> A Computer Analysis of Library Postcards (CALP) li> Negative Library Growth li> A Cost Analysis of a Cost Analysis li> Connectiwhat? li> Umbrella Disappearance Exchange and Loss Rates in American Academic Libraries li> An Innovative Approach to Collection Management li> An Observation on Shelving Practices li> Multiple Acronymization as a Creative Solution to the Effective Use of Library Resources li> The Librarians Record: A Neglected Library Periodical Revived li> Oscar Gustafsen: A Tragic Minor Figure of American Librarianship li> New Measures of Library Efficiency li> OLCC Inc.: Offline Library Creative Cataloging li> Precostretrieval: or Old Wine in New Bottles li> Cornelias Last Information Search li> Full Circle: or the Last Shall Be First li> Selections from the Dictionary of Libinfosci Terms li> Permissions&

Data Publikacji: 1986-01-01
Wymiary: 212 mm 152 mm 272.16 gr

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