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Leslie Michael


Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)


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The first systematic history of gardens and parks from antiquity to the present dayHighly illustratedEach volume shares the same thematic chapters which allows the reader to follow a theme through historyMichael Leslie is Professor of English at Rhodes College. He has written on sixteenth and seventeenth century literature interart relations and designed landscapes of the medieval and Renaissance periods: he has most recently published editions of plays by the seventeenth century dramatist Richard Brome.The Middle Ages was a time of great upheaval the period between the seventh and fourteenth centuries saw great social political and economic change. The radically distinct cultures of the Christian West Byzantium Persianinfluenced Islam and alAndalus resulted in different responses to the garden arts of antiquity and different attitudes to the natural world and its artful manipulation. Yet these cultures interacted and communicated trading plants myths and texts. By the fifteenth century the garden as a cultural phenomenon was immensely sophisticated and a vital element in the way society saw itself and its relation to nature. A Cultural History of Gardens in the Medieval Age presents an overview of the period with essays on issues of design types of gardens planting use and reception issues of meaning verbal and visual representation of gardens and the relationship of gardens to the larger landscape.The definitive overview on gardens through history A Cultural History of Gardens covers 2500 years of gardens as physical social and artistic spaces.A Cultural History of Gardens in the Medieval Age Edited by Michael LeslieIntroductionDesign John Dixon Hunt University of Pennsylvania USATypes of Gardens James G. Schryver University of Minnesota USAPlantings Rebecca Krug University of Minnesota USAUse and Reception Laura L. Howes University of Tennessee USAMeaning Elizabeth Augspach NYU USAVerbal Representations Johanna Bauman Pratt Institute (New York) USAVisual Representations Michael Leslie Rhodes College USAGardens and the Larger Landscape Robert Liddiard University of East Anglia UK and Tom Williamson University of East Anglia UKAn exciting and unusual approach to a perhaps undervalued aspect of history . . . [that] usefully fills a niche area of research and study. [A Cultural History of Gardens] provides an important and fascinating insight through thoughtprovoking essays and will be of value to anyone with an interest in the history of the garden . . . [and] the development of human society in general.The definitive overview on gardens through history A Cultural History of Gardens covers 2500 years of gardens as physical social and artistic spaces.

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