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Sean Covey is Sr. Vice President of Innovations and Products at FranklinCovey a world renowned organization devoted to helping individuals and organizations achieve greatness. Sean graduated from BYU with a degree in English and later earned his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. As the starting quarterback for BYU he led his team to two bowl games and received numerous honors. He is the author of Fourth Down and Life to Go and the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens which has sold over three million copies and is translated in over 15 languages. He is a popular speaker to youth and adult groups. Sean and his wife Rebecca live with their kids in the Rocky Mountains.The Four Disciplines of Executionis about a simple proven formula for reaching the goals you want to reach as a business or individual. In Coveys experience the thing that most undermines the ability to execute goals is what he calls the Whirlwind: those urgent tasks that must be done simply to keep an organization alive. As Covey shows the only way to execute new important goals is to separate those goals from the Whirlwind. The Four Disciplines allow leaders to create a strategy that requires a change in behaviour since only by ensuring that everyone on the team understands the goal knows what to do to reach it and knows whether progress is being made will a leader produce consistent breakthrough results while sustaining the urgent work of the Whirlwind. The Four Disciplines of Executionare:1. Focus on the Wildly Important: 2. Act on the Lead Measures: 3. Keep a Compelling Scoreboard: 4. Create a Cadence of Accountability. For more than a decade FranklinCovey has been studying what it takes to achieve important goals and in this book they share success stories from a wide range of companies that have implemented the Four Disciplines to result in greater profits increased market share and improved customer satisfaction. This way of thinking is essential to any company that wants to not only weather but thrive in this economy.Having sold several million copies of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Sean Covey is shifting his focus to the essential 4 business disciplines

Data Publikacji: 2015-07-21
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