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Tony DiTerlizzi is cocreator of the international bestselling series The Spiderwick Chronicles. He has illustrated numerous picture books for children including Ted G is for 1 Gzonk and the critically acclaimed The Spider and the Fly which won the Caldecott Honor. Tony lives in Amherst Massachusetts with his wife Angela and their baby daughter Sophia.Eva Nine has finally found what she has always been looking for: other human beings. Having been rescued by Hailey Eva couldnt be happier and now Hailey is taking Eva and her friends to the human colony New Attica where humans of all shapes and sizes live in apparent peace and harmony. But all is not as idyllic as it seems in New Attica and soon Eva and her friends realize that something very bad is going on ~ and if they dont find a way to stop it it could mean the end of everything and everyone on Orbona.Eva Nines story continues in the second book in Tony DiTerlizzis modern classic that brings a magical new vision of the future.Tony DiTerlizzi is the author of The Search for WondLa. He is also the cocreator and illustrator of the bestselling Spiderwick Chronicles and the author and illustrator of Jimmy Zangwow’:s OutofthisWorld Moon Pie Adventure as well as the Zena Sutherland Award–:winning Ted. His brilliantly cinematic version of Mary Howitt’:s classic The Spider and The Fly earned Tony his second Zena Sutherland Award and also received a Caldecott Honor. Tony’:s art has also graced the covers of such wellknown fantasy writers as Peter S. Beagle J. R. R. Tolkien Anne McCaffrey and Greg Bear. His first chapter book Kenny & the Dragon debuted as a New York Times bestseller. He lives with his wife Angela and their daughter in Western Massachusetts and Jupiter Florida. Visit Tony online at DiTerlizzi.com.A Reading Group Guide for: A Hero for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi Discussion Questions: 1. At the beginning of the book there is a quote from Carl Sagan “:The universe is not required to be in perfect harmony with human ambition.”: Discuss what Carl Sagan’:s quote means. How does this relate to A Hero for WondLa? 2. Eva Nine catches a glimpse of herself in a lens of a headlamp and sees a dirty disheveled girl. She then tries to straighten her hair and make herself more presentable. Hailey has shaggy brownandbluedyed hair that is stuck to his face with perspiration tanned skin and dirty hands and he eats his voxfruit in a slovenly way. He wipes his dirty hands on his pants. These are the first impressions Hailey and Eva Nine have of each other. It has been said “:You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”: What impression does Hailey have of Eva Nine? What does Eva Nine think of Hailey? Are first impressions important? Are they correct? How heavily should one rely upon first impressions? 3. Eva Nine has a remarkable ability to communicate with many different species. Why does she have such difficulty communicating with humans such as

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