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Thin layer chromatography (TLC) is well suited for performing enantioseparations for research as well as largerscale applications. A fast inexpensive and versatile separation technique there are many practical considerations that contribute to its effectiveness. b>Thin Layer Chromatography in Chiral Separations and Analysis/b> is the first book to focus solely on the theory capabilities and applications of TLC for direct and indirect enantioseparations. p>The first part of the book examines the fundamental principles of chirality and TLC. It describes the necessary materials laboratory equipment procedures and strategies for the separation quantification isolation and analysis of chiral compounds. The second part evaluates the realworld enantioseparations and densitometric analyses. Emphasizing pharmaceutical applications the book discusses chiral separation mechanisms and methods for analyzing the chiral purity of diastereoisomers amino acids betablockers and NSAIDS. Topics also include commercial stationary phases and chiral modifiers of mobile phases. p>b>Thin Layer Chromatography in Chiral Separations and Analysis/b> presents a unified perspective of theory and experimental details underlying the collective developments in the field. The book offers scientists in a variety of disciplines and levels of expertise a complete guide to understanding the current and potential applications of chiral TLC.b>Preface/b>: i>T. Kowalska J. Sherma/i> b>Overview of the Field of Chiral TLC and Organization of the Book/b>: i>T. Kowalska J. Sherma/i> b>Chirality/b>: i>P. Kuś: A. Sochanik/i> Chirality in Nature Methods for determination of compounds stereochemistry On the methods of obtaining stereoisomers Stereochemistry of organic compounds Stereochemistry of complexes b>Commercial Stationary Phases for Enantioseparations/b>: i>J. Sherma/i> Chiral stationary phases and chiralcoated phases Nonchiral plates used with chiral mobile phases Quantitative analysis of enantiomers by densitometry b>Planar Chromatographic Enantioseparations on NonCommercial CSPs/b>: i>L. Lepri A. Cincinelli M. Del Bubba/i> Cellulose Cellulose triacetate Cellulose tribenzoate Cellulose tricarbammate Molecular imprinting polymers: MIPs bCyclodextrin: bCD bonded silica gel b>Planar Chromatographic Enantioseparations on NonCommercial CCPs/b>: i>L. Lepri A. Cincinelli M. Del Bubba/i> Layers impregnated with metal ion complexes as chiral selectors: CLEC Acidic or basic chiral impregnating agents in planar chromatography b>Chiral Modifiers of Mobile Phases/b>: i>D. Agbaba B.M. Ivković:/i> bCyclodextrins and their derivatives as mobile phase additives Macrocyclics antibiotics as mobile phase additives Chiral counter ions in mobile phase BSA as mobile phase additives b>A/b>b>n Overview of the Chiral Separation Mechanisms/b>: i>A.M. Siouffi P. Piras/i> Solutechiral selector complexation constants Stoichiometry of complexation Selectivity of complexation The bi

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