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Koensarano Matilda


The Jewish Publication Society

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Joha has Januss double face: On the one hand he is innocent and stupid: on the other a trickster. He is a cheater and is cheated. He sets traps for others and falls into traps himself: he is simpleton and liar victimizer and victim. But as a literary figure he never dies. The nearly 300 stories in this lovely volume are from Sephardic oral literature and ethnic culture. They were told to Matilda KoenSarano in their original language JudeoSpanish (Ladino) and documented over 21 years. From 17 countries including the United States they come together in this firstever collection of Joha stories to appear in English. Known in some places as Ladino JudeoSpanish is a living remnant of the Spanish spoken by the Spanish Jews at the end of the 15th century. Matilda KoenSarano born to a Sephardic family has devoted her life to the conservation and revitalization of this language culture and heritage. Joha according to Ladino tradition is a popular folklore character one who is conniving yet also beguiling. He plays many roles: He makes us laugh: liberates us from taboos: makes it possible to tell the whole sometimes painful truth in a humorous way: and helps us triumph over our enemies through laughter. These stories have entertained generations of Sephardic children and adults and will delight readers of any age.DIVThis is a wonderful collection of folktales [that] educate by means of example and evoke laughter reflecting a past rich in history culture and traditions.IAssociation of Jewish Libraries Newsletter/I /DIVDIVMarvelous and funny collection of hundreds of Joha stories assembled by folklorist Matilda KoenSarano and felicitously translated by David Herman. . . .Read Matilda KoenSaranos laughoutloud collection.ICongress Monthly/I /DIV

Data Publikacji: 2003-02-01
Wymiary: 229 mm 152 mm

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