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Fordham University Press

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PHIL HUSTON has been a Lecturer in Philosophy at The Milltown Institute for the last ten years. She obtained her doctorate at University College Dublin.''What does Martin Buber mean in I and Thou by the claim that the one thing that matters is full acceptance of presence? An attempt to answer this question led the author on a journey of exploration through Bubers early writings to reach a clarification of Bubers predialogical concept of God. She examines Bubers first major philosophical work: Daniel: Dialogues in Realization drawing attention to inaccuracies in the available English translation. Bubers desire for presence she finds began with an overwhelming experience of absence. His search is for a presence that will not let him down that will not be a 'misencounter'that is for a presence that will ensure that there is meaning.'/'''This book will be an invaluable text for the student looking for a readable guide to Bubers early writings. It will help readers to understand the rich depth and many layers of thought in Bubers masterpiece I and Thou and to appreciate the radical change that took place in Bubers concept of God prior to its publication in 1923.'/'A rare insight into Martin Bubers personal struggle with the question: What sort of a God do I believe in?This is a thoughtful study of Martin Bubers early philosophical work.Focuses on Bubers 1913 work Daniel: Dialogues in Realization in a study of the philosopher and theologians idea of presence.An excellent key to unlocking all of Martin Bubers later work.

Data Publikacji: 2007-07-15
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