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S. Holcomb Justin


NYU Press

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'p class='MsoNormal' style='marginbottom:0in:marginbottom:.0001pt:lineheight:normal'''strong''span lang='ENCA' style='fontsize:12.0pt:msobidifontsize:16.0pt:fontfamily:":Times New Roman":serif:msoansilanguage:ENCA''Justin S. Holcomb'/span''/strong''span lang='ENCA' style='fontsize:12.0pt:msobidifontsize:16.0pt:fontfamily:":Times New Roman":serif:msoansilanguage:ENCA:msobidifontweight:bold'' is '/span''span style='fontsize:12.0pt:fontfamily:":Times New Roman":serif:msofareastfontfamily:":Times New Roman":''Affiliate Professor of Theology at GordonConwellTheological Seminary Canon for Vocations in the Episcopal Diocese of CentralFlorida and editor '/span''span lang='ENCA' style='fontsize:12.0pt:msobidifontsize:16.0pt:fontfamily:":Times New Roman":serif:msoansilanguage:ENCA:msobidifontweight:bold''of 'em'Christian Theologies ofScripture '/em'(2006) and 'em'ChristianTheologies of Sacraments '/em'(2017) both of which are available at NYU Press. :'o:''/o:''/span''/''''br /''/'''All religious traditions that ground themselves in texts must grapple with certain questions concerning the texts authority. Yet there has been much debate within Christianity concerning the nature of scripture and how it should be understooda debate that has gone on for centuries.'/''''b'Christian Theologies of Scripture'/b' traces what the theological giants have said about scripture from the early days of Christianity until today. It incorporates diverse discussions about the nature of scripture its authority and its interpretation providing a guide to the variety of views about the Bible throughout the Christian tradition.'/'''Preeminent scholars including Michael S. Horton Graham Ward and Pamela Bright offer chapters on major figures in the premodern reformation and early modern eras from Origen and Aquinas to Luther and Calvin to Barth and Balthasar. They illuminate each thinkers understanding of the Christian scriptures and their views on interpreting the Bible. The book also includes overview chapters to orient readers to the key questions regarding scripture in each era as well as chapters on scripture and feminism scripture in the African American Christian tradition and scripture and postmodernism.'/'''This volume will be indispensable reading for students and all those interested in the nature and authority of Christian scripture.'/''div id='pastingspan1''Acknowledgments'/div''div id='pastingspan1''Introduction: Mapping Theologies of Scripture'/div''div id='pastingspan1''Justin S. Holcomb :'/div''div id='pastingspan1''Part I: Patristic and Medieval'/div''div id='pastingspan1''1 Patristic and Medieval Theologies of Scripture: An Introduction'/div''div id='pastingspan1''Lewis Ayres :'/div''div id='pastingspan1''2 Origen'/div''div id='pastingspan1''R. R. Reno :'/div''div id='pastingspan1''3 St. Augustine'/div''div id='pastingspan1''Pamela Bright :'/div''div id='pastingspan1''4 St. Thomas Aquinas'/div''div id

Data Publikacji: 2006-04-01
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