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C. Hawley John


NYU Press

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bJohn C. Hawley /bis Associate Professor of English at Santa Clara University. He is the editor of several books including CrossAddressing: Resistance Literature and Colonial Borders/ and Writing the Nation: Self and Country in Postcolonial Imagination/./Why does Christianity feel the need to impose its customs and beliefs on the rest of the world? And why has an impulse driven at least partially by sincere concern for the salvation of others so often played into the hands of ruthless colonizers with more cynical aims?/ Bringing together scholars in literature history and religion bChristian Encounters with the Other Approaches /bthese questions by analyzing literary accounts of historically famous sites of conversion. Covering the Renaissance through to the present and spanning much of the globe the volume discusses a range of authors and their worksfrom Daniel Defoes Robinson Crusoe and Stephen Riggss ethnographic representations of the Sioux to Salvation Army pamphleteers and Victorian missionaries to China to the works of Cameroonian novelist Mongo Beti Guatemalan Nobel laureate Rigoberta Mench and Japanese novelist Shusaku Endo./ Using a cultural studies approach each account discusses the missionaries intentions how these were perceived and what social forces helped to shape the messages that were preached as well as fascinating accounts of counterconversions in which the other is not only exoticized but valorized and empowered./

Data Publikacji: 1998-02-01
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