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Howard Vicki


University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

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''Named 'Best of the Best from the University Presses' for 2007 by the American Library Association'/'''Weddings today are a $70billion business yet no one has explained how the industry has become such a significant component of the American economy. In ''Brides Inc.'/' Vicki Howard goes behind the scenes of the various firms involved&mdash:from jewelers to caterers&mdash:to explore the origins of the lavish American wedding demonstrating the important role commercial interests have played in shaping traditions most of us take for granted.'/'''Howard reveals how many of our customs and wedding rituals were the product of sophisticated advertising campaigns merchandising promotions and entrepreneurial innovations. Tracing the rise of the wedding industry from the 1920s through the 1950s the author explains that retailers bridal consultants etiquette writers caterers and many others invented traditions&mdash:from the diamond engagement ring and doublering ceremony to the gift registry to the packagedeal catered affair. These businesses and entrepreneurs many of them women transformed wedding culture and set the stage for todays multibilliondollar industry.'/'''The wedding industry began to take shape between the 1920s and the 1950s. Bridal magazine editors and etiquette writers jewelers department store window display artists bridal consultants fashion designers and caterers invented new consumer rites and promoted higher standards of wedding consumption. Claiming ties with 'ancient customs' and various historical periods the wedding industry promoted new goods and services as timeless and unchanging. It introduced new ring customs and wedding apparel fashions and 'modern' services such as gift registries that rationalized gift customs bridal salons that saved time and made wedding planning more efficient and wedding packages that standardized ceremonies and reception celebrations.'/'''During World War II the traditional white wedding grew even more prevalent as jewelers and bridal gown manufacturers successfully sought exemptions from wartime restrictions linking the diamond engagement ring the doublering ceremony and the formal white wedding gown with democracy and American prosperity. By the 1950s the wedding industry had made the formal white wedding tradition a part of a new cult of marriage and the modern American Dream.'/'''Entertaining and informative ''Brides Inc.'/' reveals the origins and development of this most exemplary American enterprise and brings the story up to the present with a discussion of such new phenomena as Davids Bridal and the gay wedding industry.'/'''Reveals how many of our customs and wedding rituals were the product of sophisticated advertising campaigns merchandising promotions and entrepreneurial innovations. The businesses and entrepreneurs from jewelers to bridal consultants and caterers set the stage for todays multibilliondollar industry.'/''''Howard provides a thorough study of the growth of the wedding indu

Data Publikacji: 2008-08-25
Wymiary: 229 mm 152 mm

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