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M. Klide Alan


University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc.

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''Drawing on medical and scientific literature in diverse languages ''Veterinary Acupuncture'/' presents a world of information on this traditional form of Chinese medicine&mdash:for veterinarians to examine the theory and practice of acupuncture for livestock owners and trainers to acquaint themselves with the evidence they need to understand and appreciate the benefits it may offer their animals and for scientists to use as a source of information for the study of pain and acupuncture.'/'''A resource for veterinarians interested in alternative medical treatments for animals.'/''''For the practitioner of veterinary medicine this is probably the most complete and authoritative guide available in English: for the scholar and the student of medical sciences it is a major source of reference for further research.'&mdash:''American Journal of Acupuncture'/''/''''This book will be informative and useful to anyone interested in the subject of acupuncture.'&mdash:''Backstretch'/''/''''''Veterinary Acupuncture'/' is much more than a treatise on traditional Chinese medicine. It provides a careful description of the equipment techniques and effects of acupuncture. . . . This book should be very useful to veterinarians who now employ acupuncture and to those who are interested in leaning more about its applications.'&mdash:''Modern Veterinary Practice'/''/'Alan M. Klide is Professor of Anesthesia Section of Critical Care at the School of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. Shiu H. Kung is a scientist and a scholar of the classics of traditional Chinese medicine.

Data Publikacji: 2002-09-20
Wymiary: 279 mm 210 mm

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