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Bęlanger Jacques


Cornell University Press

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Jacques Bęlanger is Professor of Industrial Relations at Universitę Laval in Quebec.''''I'Being Local Worldwide'/I' is a timely volume to be applauded for its critical and empirallygrounded analysis of an intriguing and prominent corporation. In the main the comparative qualitative nature of the study succeeds admirably and does much to lay bare the complex and subtle issues of control and autonomy between the subsidiaries and the centre. In short industrial relations needs more studies like this one.''/''''This is an important work for scholars of industrial organisation sociology and management.... From my reading of the book and experience working with (but not for) ABB in a number of countries the authors have presented a more realistic image of the contours and contradictions of this company than much of the media would have us believe.''/''''A cleverly designed study generating important new insights on multinationals.''/''''Overall this is an admirable book.... The interdisciplinary nature of the book will make it of interest to a wide audience and it should certainly be read by those with an interest in international management and comparative industrial relations.''/''''This book is a must read for anyone interested in how the most sophisticated of the worlds multinationals work. ABB has been the object of much adulation in the business press for its advanced management structure and processwith this book we finally have a thorough and critical evaluation.''/''''This rich and fascinating study... highlights the actual workings of the geocentric and multidomestic principles enshrined in the slogan of being local worldwide.''/''''This uniquely rich and detailed study goes beyond the rhetoric about ABB to reveal the true character of being local worldwide including the internal politics of change the tensions of convergence and divergence and the uncertain dynamics of globalization.''/'

Data Publikacji: 2000-12-22
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