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N.g. Howell Steve


Cornell University Press

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Steve N. G. Howell has led birdwatching tours to Mexico since 1984. He is coauthor with Sophie Webb of 'I'A Guide to the Birds of Mexico and Northern Central America'/I'.'''At last a birdfinding guide for Mexico is on the bookshelves for birders who want to go to Mexico but do not know where to go.... With the help of this guide you can start or add to your own life list of Mexican birds.''/''''A thoroughly wellresearched book.... An excellent sight guide to this birdrich country.... This book is highly recommended.''/''''I cannot imagine any reason why a birder contemplating independent travel in Mexico would not want this book close at hand.... Superb.... If I were a Minister of Tourism charged with encouraging birders to come to Mexico I would award Howell a big medal. Im not so Ill just encourage every birder I know who likes to travel to buy this book and go to Mexico with it.''/''''If youre planning a trip to Mexico and want to do a little birding on the side... this book is a must.... Site descriptions detailed maps and lists of expected birds at each location make this book essential for any birder heading south of the border.''/''''This guide will be useful... to the business traveler with only a morning to spare and to the serious birder planning a threemonth trip across the country: this indispensable book tells where to go and what to look for.''/''''With the publication of this book access to Mexicos nearly 1000 species has been made immeasurably easier.... The information reflecting the authors own travels in the country is as complete as that found in the best bird finding guides anywhere.... If you are going to travel south of the border take this book along.''/'

Data Publikacji: 1998-12-18
Wymiary: 229 mm 152 mm 22 mm 624 gr

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