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Zell Deone


Cornell University Press

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Deone Zell is Associate Professor of Business and Economics at California State University Northridge and the author of 'I'Awakening the Academy: A Time for New Leadership'/I' and 'I'Strategic Thinking in Times of Turbulence: An Insiders View'/I'.'''Deone Zell is able to go far beyond others who have tried to describe and analyze critical industrial change processes because she has been there on the plant floor and in the laboratory working with the people who are going through the changes. Her message is a powerful one because she was there!''/''''I cannot think of another book that better conveys the sense of what it is like to be inside an organization that is radically rethinking its core activities and assumptions. The issues and disputes that emerge not only convincingly portray the nature of daily life inside an organization but also point to the kinds of details that if overlooked can thwart even the bestintentioned organizational schemes.''/''''If you are looking for an indepth ethnographic account of how difficult it is for a major company to achieve farreaching internal change this is your book... Written in an engaging voice this is a unique upbeat report of an earnest and admirable change effort.''/''''This is the first participant observer report on an important organizational design project in a major company. It is also the first book to describe the process fully as it is taking place and it makes clear implications for such major changes in other companies.''/''''Zell... offers a detailed ethnographic case study of two sociotechnical systems redesigns at HewlettPackard. She begins with a brief historical introduction to organizational change.... She then launches into an ethnographic study that provides a rich insiders view of the redesign process and how it actually works. Finally she synthesizes her material into a set of recommendations and concepts for guiding others through the redesign process.''/'

Data Publikacji: 2007-11-30
Wymiary: 229 mm 152 mm 11 mm 312 gr

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