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P>The consortial environment provides librarians with new ways to manage collections at their home institutions. Academic libraries in Ohio have been participating in OhioLINK since 1988 and the consortium has had an effect on shaping local collections for more than one decade. While each institution pursues its own collection management strategy the shared resources and delivery system provided through OhioLINK influence local collections profoundly. What has been the effect? This work is a collection of articles assessing local collections within a consortial environment. The authors assess collections from their own vantage points considering such diverse factors as cost regional depositories book reviews and faculty input. The influence of consortial ties in shaping local collections is a common thread throughout the work./P>P>This book was published as a special issue of Collection Management/.OL>LI>Preface/LI>LI>Do economic factors really matter in the assessment and retention of electronic resources licensed at the library consortium level? : Tom Sanville//LI>LI>Playing the numbers: an exercise in complimentary cooperative collection development : Ruth R. Cornell//LI>LI>Assessment in a tight time frame: using readily available data to evaluate your collection : Alice Crosetto/ Laura Kinner/ and Lucy Duhon//LI>LI>Managing collections between the chemists and the consortium: assessment engagement and creativity : Celeste Feather/ James K. Bracken/ and Jose Diaz//LI>LI>Comparing circulation rates of monographs and anthologies of literary criticism: implications for cooperative collection development : Ken Irwin//LI>LI>Book reviews by the numbers : Liz Johnson/ and Linda A. Brown//LI>LI>The importance of Focusness: focus groups as a means of collection management assessment : Fran Mentch/ Barbara Strauss/ and Carol Zsulya//LI>LI>Ohio regional depositories: moving from warehousing separate collections to servicing shared collections : Phyllis OConnor/ and Melanie F. Smith//LI>LI>Collection development assessment for new collection development librarians : Richard Wisneski//LI>LI>The OhioLINK OCLC collection analysis project: a preliminary report : Anne T. Gilliland//LI>&George Lupone is Librarian Emeritus at Cleveland State University serving as a consultant and engaging in professional service activities. Prior to his retirement he was Associate Director at Cleveland State for many years overseeing the assessment of library collections services and student learning outcomes using national standard instruments focus groups and local tools.

Data Publikacji: 2009-05-08
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