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Advice from the experts—:on collecting and managing the digital resources that are an increasingly vital part of librarianship! Managing Digital Resources in Libraries is a practical guide to managing library materials in digital formats. Working librarians share their expertise in the acquisition and management of digital resources addressing questions of licensing funding and providing access. The contributors also examine innovative projects and systems such as the integration of PDAaccessible resources into a library collection and the development of alldigital libraries. You&rsquo:ll also find supplementary reading lists and bibliographies of additional resources including relevant Web sites. Addressing the challenges of and barriers to the preservation and dissemination of electronic information Managing Digital Resources in Libraries explores vital questions such as: ul>li> How are librarians coping with digital resources?: li> How do they compare and select titles and formats to purchase?: li> How do they allocate limited funds—:to lease or to purchase highpriced electronic titles?: li> Does consortium membership provide the answer to funding problems or does it force librarians to pay for content their users neither want nor need?: li> Is MARC still an appropriate format for cataloging?: li> How can librarians make themselves familiar with the multitude of available resources?:/ul> Managing Digital Resources in Libraries will update your working knowledge of:ul> li> online resources li> open archives—:their uses and their history li> the Digital Millennium Copyright Act the First Sale Doctrine and the Fair Use Doctrine—:and their implications for librarians li> ejournal cataloging and ejournal management software li> electronic collection development and management li> personal digital assistants li> digital licensing agreements li> electronic searching systems including ELIN@ Electronic Journal Finder Pirate Source OPAC and cold fusion databases&ul>li> Introduction: Managing Digital Resources (Audrey Fenner)br />li> LICENSINGbr />li> The Impact of Licenses on Library Collections (Min Chou and Oliver Zhou)br />li> Travels into Several Remote Corners of the Information Universe: A Voyage to the br />Department of the Houyhnhnmists or Licensing Issues and the Integrated Collection (Timothy Shipe)br />li> OPINIONS RESEARCH AND ANALYSISbr />li> Harvesting for Disseminating: Open Archives and the Role of Academic Libraries (Eugenio Pelizzari)br />li> The Electronic Librarian: Inching Towards the Revolution (Emerita M. Cuesta)br />li> The Method Behind the Madness: Acquiring Online Journals and a Solution to Provide Access (Donna Skekel)br />li> SYSTEMS AND SOFTWAREbr />li> Choices in Cataloging Electronic Journals (Cecilia A. Leathem)br />li> ELIN@: Electronic Library Information Navigator—:Towards the “:One Stop Shop”: (Anna Alwerud and Lotte Jorgensen)br />li> Western Michigan Universit

Data Publikacji: 2005-03-18
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